OIC/Australia: Ihsanoglu seeks to establish new international relations in his official visit to Canberra

JEDDAH,15 Rabi al-Awwal/7 Feb.(IINA)-The Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Prof. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu will lead a high level delegation in his official visit to Australia starting next Sunday, 11 February 2012. Ihsanoglu is set to visit a number of cities where he will meet with the Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Hon. Kevin Rudd MP, with whom he will discuss bilateral relations and ways of enhancing cooperation between the OIC Member States and Australia through the OIC and will sign a memorandum of cooperation between the OIC with Australia.

Informed sources from the OIC indicated that the Secretary General’s visit will open up new prospects for cooperation with more Western countries, noting that the visit, which is the first of its kind of an OIC Secretary General to Australia, comes after a number of official visits made by Ihsanoglu to western capitals during the past two years, most notably of which were London, Bonn and Washington, where he met with the U.S. President.

The sources added that the OIC accords special importance to forming now relations of great impact that contribute to international efforts of the OIC in various fields, especially those related to its activities at the United Nations or the UN Human Rights Council as well as on the issue of Islamophobia, indicating that the Secretary General’s visit to China in summer of 2010 confirmed the OIC’s concern to fostering constructive political relations with effective actors in the world.

The sources also pointed out that the OIC Secretary General will focus in his tour in Australia, which will include Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne, on the phenomenon of Islamophobia, in light of the existence of about half a million Muslims in this country who come from two hundred backgrounds and cultures.

Source: International Islamic News Agency: http://iina.me/wp_en/?p=1006676

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