Spreading the message of peace in Metropolis Frankfurt

Source: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Germany

Frankfurt is the finance metropolis of Germany. The international airport and the huge railway station attracts thousands of people daily.

As some months ago, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Germany started a campaign to spread peaceful teachings of Islam through huge Banners in Munich and some other cities. Now they extended this campaign to the mega-city Frankfurt.

As it is well known, Islam gets almost a daily coverage in German Newspapers and TV-Media, for one reason or another, often in a critical light.  The best response for such critical issues is a message of peace through such initiatives. German Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is doing their job in an excellent way.

The Messages are short and crisp, for example, “There should be no compulsion in religion, the best from us is who treats his family best and the one who educate his/her daughter in a best way, earn his/her paradise.”  Above these messages is printed the Community’s slogan “Love for all, hatred for none.”

The Media also covered this in positive ways. Many passengers also appreciated this effort.  For its peaceful message, that brings the humanity some steps closer.

Spreading the real picture of Islam can only be heard and recognized by such ways. It is a clear response against terrorism and every kind of violence, which is spread in the name of religions.

Watch a news video in Urdu about this campaign

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