PM summoned again: Charged with contempt

The Muslim Times’ Editor for Pakistan

Credit: Xpress Tribune

Published: February 3, 2012
ISLAMABAD: The political calm was short-lived. The prime minister, it transpired on Thursday, will indeed have to face contempt charges.

The Supreme Court concluded its preliminary hearings on Thursday and has decided it has sufficient cause to summon Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani once again and frame contempt of court charges against him.

And, once again, an undaunted prime minister has promised to appear in person.

‘After the preliminary hearing, we are satisfied that prima facie there is enough grounds for further proceedings,’ the court stated.

The seven-member bench set Gilani’s return for February 13 and this time the PM will be indicted for contempt, after preferring his subordinates’ advice over the court’s judgment in the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) case. Attorney General Maulvi Anwarul Haq confirmed that, as the principal officer of the court, he would frame charges against the prime minister.


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    Recently it was seen blown in the media coverage of the court cases and hearings against the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The mob of PPP minsters lobbying the supreme court premises in support if their Prime Minister at the cost of the taxpayers but being absent from their ministries in total disregard to their duties imposed upon them by the oath and constitution clearly a gross misconduct and abuse of their positions as public officers thereby flouting all fundamental moral and legal ethics. Those ministers who were absent from their offices those days should not be paid for the days of absebce from their duties and abusing their paid time for lobbying against the court or to show a power play in and outside courts.

    This grave act of the socalled cream of the PPP government has set a nasty example for other workers under their ministries and the taxpayers to be absent from their jobs any time violative of their employment obligations any time they wish to lobby or protest against the courts or anyother agency including police stations.

    This behaviour is short of any civilised society norms. They must be asked to account for their unauthorised absence from their ministries and apologise fir their conduct.

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