Stripping Nobel Prize From Muslim Dr. Abdus Salam

Source: Huffington Post:

By Mike Ghouse: It is a shame that many of the Pakistani people I have been interacting have bought the government-fed idea that Ahmadiyya Muslims are not Muslims.

Shame on them, they have not only lost political freedom, they have lost their minds as well. As a Muslim, I am disappointed that Pakistan has deprived the Muslim world of a Nobel Laureate, indeed the late Dr. Abdus Salam is the only Nobel Laureate of Pakistan and they don’t list him as a Muslim, and have gone one to erase the word Muslim from his headstone. What a shame! He was the pride of Pakistan and yet no minister or high government official attended his funeral. I wish he lived in America; he would have gotten all the due respect he deserved.

Yet the same Muslims daily recite that God alone is the Master of the Day of Judgment, and he alone is judge of our faith 17 to 51 times a day. What for? Sir Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal, the great poet scholar philosopher probably wrote this poem to these folks, “tujhe kya milega namaz mein?” (What is there for you in that prayer if you don’t mean it?)

We simply cannot stereotype the whole population based on a few intolerant judgmental men out there. Just like the good for nothing silent majority of Jews, Christians, Muslims or Hindus; and Americans, Indians or Chinese, the Pakistani Muslim majority is another good for nothing lot who don’t have the balls to speak up. We must encourage the good people to start speaking up and bring about a positive change where no Pakistani has to live in apprehension, discomfort or fear of the other Pakistani. Read more

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  1. Dr Abdul Salam was a great Muslim scientist, a great man, God will decide who is true Muslim and hwo is not Muslim. World hate the acts of the people who claim to be Muslims. They are bad name for Islam and the Prophet of Islam and the Holy Quran. They create unrest in the world. Whereas Islam is thre religion of piece,freedom ,loyalty and equality of the mankind. These people are sick and do not have any motto except spreading hate and disorder in the world. How these can be called Muslims? God who is the creater of the universe will take revenge from such people. Dr. Abdul Salam was a great Ahmady Muslim scientist. He was honoured with the world’s greatest reward.Which acknowledged he was great. It is unfortunate for the Pakistan he did not paid him the due regard.

  2. Another black day for so called Muslims. History will repeat itself and one day some one will feel greatly honoured to restore it to great Dr Abdus Salam. Inshallah

  3. It is shame for the nations which allow their national pride compromised by prejudices of the so called religious clerks. Dr Abdul Salam was a hero a Muslim hero who life and research was flowing from his love for the Holy Quran and Hazrat Mohammad SAW and no more.

  4. Dr. Abdussalam was a gem of a person in true sense. A very educated person with the high standards of piety. He was a great inspiration for not only Muslims but the world. People like him are not borne every day. May Allah shower His Blessings on him abundantly.Amen

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