Great Workouts in an Hour (or Less!)

SUMMARY: What type of workout should you be doing? Cardio or strength training? Supersets or high intensity interval training? How often do you work your abs? Fitness instructor Lisa Corsello gives you an easy formula to create an effective, personalized workout that takes an hour or less.

As a fitness professional, I’m frequently asked questions about how to create the “best” workout. It seems that we’re constantly bombarded with conflicting information on how to achieve the body of our dreams. Is cardio the best way to blast fat, or is greater lean body mass through strength training the key? How much time should we be devoting to exercise to see and feel a difference? Should we stick with a routine, or try new and different things?

The answer is quite simple. A great workout combines cardio, strength training, and core work, keeps you moving at all times, and can be done in less than an hour. The key is to keep moving.

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