Interracial Couple Banned From Kentucky Church

Source Huffington Post.

In a move to “promote greater unity” among its body and the Pike County community it serves, a small Kentucky church voted to ban interracial couples from membership and from participating in certain worship activities, reports.

Though reminiscent of some Jim Crow-era mandate, the Gulnare Freewill Baptist Church actually made the decision earlier this month, following a visit from 24-year-old Stella Harville, daughter of the church’s secretary and clerk, and her 29-year-old fiance, Ticha Chikuni, a native of Zimbabwe.

According to Harville’s father, Dean Harville, Stella brought Chikuni to the church in June where they performed a song for the congregation.

Following the visit, former pastor Melvin Thompson told Harville that his daughter and her fiance could not sing at the church again. Thompson later proposed that the church go on record saying that while all people were welcome to attend public worship services there, the church did not condone interracial marriage.

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3 replies

  1. How beautiful is the Islamic teaching! During the Hajj, which is one of the duties for every Muslim (who can afford it), white (or pink)and black, yellow and brown, rich and poor Muslims from all over the world stand side by side in prayer demonstrating their equality before Allah!

  2. It’s pure love which Allah(swt) has given us. Also, i will like to add that Muslims, too need to eradicate such things. Muslims in south asia when they meet another muslim enquire “what is your caste?”. It means whether you are syed, mughal or pathan. Mostly, practise is that Syed, Mughal and Pathan do not intermarry. Only difference between such christians and muslims is that christians do so by issuing fatwa, while muslims do it in a covert manner. Rabbe asleh ummata Muhammadin. Aameen.

  3. Well, the question ‘what is your caste’ seems to be based on Hindu influence in the sub-continent. Still, of course Muslims in other parts of the world need to improve also in this respect. All have some ‘cultural’ influences from outside of Islam.

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