The wages of war

Source: Times of India

Two recent events have brought home some ugly truths. A Sri Lankan-origin Australian tried (unsuccessfully) to lay charges against the president of Sri Lanka, visiting Perth to attend the Commonwealth summit, for alleged war crimes in the war against the Tamil Tigers. Another former head of state Muammar Gaddafi was captured, wounded but alive, and, apparently, summa-rily executed.

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  1. The rule of international law, human rights standards and international criminal justice institutions are meant to level the playing field between the rich and poor, powerful and weak. They are not additional sticks for western governments and NGOs to beat up on the rest. War should be waged very rarely. Westerners cannot impose moral and international criminal strictures on others but exempt themselves. If the standards are too stringent, they will be violated by military and/or political necessity. Those fighting ruthless opponents with no moral scruples, in chaotic conditions, deserve some slack.

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