Day: November 18, 2011

Fears of debt contagion spread as French borrowing costs increase

By RFI France. European stockmarkets fell further on Friday over investor fears the financial problems facing Italy and Spain could be spreading to France.The three countries this week faced sharp spikes in borrowing costs in what is seen as a dangerous new phase of the debt crisis. More:

Canadian athletes nabbed in doping scandal at kabaddi World Cup Few in Canada have even heard of the ancient Indian sport of kabaddi, a game of power and speed that blends elements of tag, wrestling and rugby. And even fewer would assume such a niche sport could be rife with performance-enhancing drugs. But the Canadian national squad is one […]

Some surprising words now banned from Pakistan text messages–some-surprising-words-now-banned-from-pakistan-text-messages?bn=1 Sebastian Abbot The Associated Press ISLAMABAD—Texters in Pakistan better start watching their language. Pakistan’s telecommunications authority sent a letter ordering cellphone companies to block text messages containing what it perceives to be obscenities, Anjum Nida Rahman, a spokeswoman for Telenor Pakistan, said Friday. It also sent a list of […]

Eurozone crisis Stronger action is needed to tackle the two-year-old eurozone crisis. Certainly, the formation of technocrat-led unity governments in Italy and Greece is a step forward. But the markets appear unconvinced amid concern that the crisis is spreading from heavily indebted Greece and Italy to Europe`s `core` nations, including Austria, […]

Curse of 39 strikes Afghan Loya Jirga

Source: Daily Times: KABUL: A major meeting of Afghan elders discussing the country’s long-term relationship with the United States has been hit by a strange superstition surrounding the number 39, officials confirmed on Thursday. Some 2,000 elders at the Loya Jirga, now into a second day, have divided themselves up […]

Abuse me please, sir

MANILA – A growing number of Filipinos are exploiting loopholes in Hong Kong’s processing of torture claims and its lenient accommodation of political asylum-seekers to extend their stays and work illegally in the former British colony. The inclusion of Filipinos among mostly African and South Asian applicants is contributing to […]

Obama assassination attempt?

Authorities are considering whether an abandoned assault rifle found in Washington DC on Friday is linked to a possible assassination attempt on President Barack Obama after a bullet has been recovered from a White House window. Portions of Washington’s National Mall was on lock-down Friday after reports came in that […]