Month: December 2011

New Year across time zones

Australia is one of the first country to welcome New Year across the globe. This year, Sydney has outdone itself in the fireworks display. 6.5 million dollars were spend on about 15 minutes of one of the world’s best display of fireworks. 1.5 million people gathered to see this large […]

When Investors Rush In, and Out, Together seems that anxious investors in these troubled economic times are seeking safety in crowds. The prices of stocks, bonds and a host of other financial assets, which in normal conditions more often than not move in a diversity of unpredictable directions, are increasingly surging up or down in lockstep. […]

Mystery of the Missing $2 Million in Gold Bullion- UM Financial Receivership

John Goddard The Toronto Star–gold-night-drop-dramatizes-receivership-case The head of an insolvent mortgage company unloaded $2.2 million in gold and silver from his car at a Rexdale parking lot at night, according to his own testimony, and handed it to a man who has since disappeared. Court documents also tell of […]

Crimes committed in the name of Al-Qaeda

Not surprisingly, different countries resort to using scarecrow tactics to keep internal differences at bay. Over the last decade, different players have created Al-Qaeda bogey for various political agendas. For instance, the United States exploited the issue of this radical organization in the running up to elections, Iran capitalized on […]

Kyrgyz Officials Reject Muslim Sect

Source/Credit: Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty BISHKEK — Kyrgyz religious authorities have refused to re-register the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, RFE/RL’s Kyrgyz Service reports. Sagynbek Toktorbaev, a representative of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in Kyrgyzstan, told RFE/RL on December 29 that the government’s State Commission on Religious Affairs rejected their re-registration. […]

Beware of sudden death from merrymaking

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate the coming new year and more often we do this by bingeing on high-fat, high-calorie foods, indulging in alcoholic beverages and staying up until the wee hours. Some even stress themselves out with overscheduling, fighting the holiday crowds at the mall, taking charge […]