Month: December 2011

Oil Prices Predicted to Stay Above $100 a Barrel Through Next Year The United States economy managed to cope this year despite triple-digit prices for barrels of oil. The lessons may come in handy, economists say, because those prices will probably be sticking around.        With Iran threatening to cut off about a fifth of the world’s oil supply by closing the […]

Was there a real Jesus who lived on Earth?

By: Jaime T. Licauco: Philippine Daily Inquirer. However, it cannot be denied that centuries before the advent of Jesus, there were already pagan beliefs in dying and resurrecting god-men, which paralleled the story of Jesus as depicted in the Gospels adopted by the early Christians in 320 A.D., during the […]

Sacred women in Israel and Palestine

I can think of about four million Palestinians who can sympathise with Naama Margolese, the eight-year-old Israeli girl, whose routine humiliation by ultra-Orthodox Israelis on her way to school has “shocked” the nation, uniting the majority of Jewish Israelis in anger at the growing power of harshly conservative Jewish movements […]

Childhood Hypersensitivity Linked to OCD

ScienceDaily (Dec. 27, 2011) — In childhood, rituals like regular schedules for meal, bath, and bed times are a healthy part of behavioral development. But combined with oral and tactile sensitivities, such as discomfort at the dentist or irritation caused by specific fabrics, these rituals could be an early warning sign […]