Benjamin Netanyahu is alleged to have an IQ of 180

We all knew Bibi, PM Benjamin Netanyahu, was smart.. but did you know that Bibi is one of the 19 smartest people in the world.. with an IQ of 180!!!!???

According to Business Insider Magazine, a study of the smartest people in the world places our prime minister in the list of the 19 smartest people..

I am not quite sure what one is supposed to do with this information, regarding anybody on this list. Smart is not an accomplishment. Smart is a natural gift. The person then has to cultivate it and maximize his efforts based on his or her unique capabilities.

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4 replies

  1. Only those leaders are remembered positively by history, who treat whole of humanity with love, compassion and kindness. If Bibi Netanyahu has a high IQ, may be he can learn new tricks!

  2. Bibi is a killer. He’s an animal, not a human. And his IQ is prropaganda by the usual Zionist machine. There are so many people who’s IQ is not known or checked.

  3. I am a citizen of israel. I enjoy my freedom, I learned to trust Bibi. I appreciate the truth and freedom. I am provided and have many muslim, christian and jewish friends here. I grew up believing israel is bad, my parents were brainwashed just like many, I know the truth and I love my friends and family here.

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