New Year across time zones

Australia is one of the first country to welcome New Year across the globe. This year, Sydney has outdone itself in the fireworks display. 6.5 million dollars were spend on about 15 minutes of one of the world’s best display of fireworks. 1.5 million people gathered to see this large amount of money and resources literally go up in flames, but in style.

What is the reality of New Year? It is just another day, but as humans, perhaps it is in our nature to find and celebrate milestones.  We want to experience a sense of achievement of the past year and hope and aspire for a new one. The question is: is it necessary to spend these large amounts of resources? is it important to cause chaos and havoc and rowdiness? Is it important to spend a large amount of money on a new wardrobe for one night? Is it necessary to spend the whole night drinking and dancing, and then throwing up or feeling sick the entire next day? Car accidents during the holiday season increase in number. Suicide rates go up as well. Domestic violence issues intensify during these days. People go bankrupt or at least feel the burden of spending. Is that what this season is all about?

The answers to all the above is that it will continue to happen around the globe. People will continue to indulge in excessiveness, without deliberation. It’s the culture of “instant gratification” that gives rise to these side-effects.

Ahmadi Muslims around the world observe this time of the year as a solemn occasion and try to begin the new year with prayers for a better world, for peace, for a better life that leads us to God. It is my humble prayer that the prayers of Ahmadis around the globe are accepted in the best of ways, Ameen.


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