Beware of sudden death from merrymaking

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate the coming new year and more often we do this by bingeing on high-fat, high-calorie foods, indulging in alcoholic beverages and staying up until the wee hours.

Some even stress themselves out with overscheduling, fighting the holiday crowds at the mall, taking charge of parties or reunions and trying to create the perfect holiday celebration.

The outcome of all of these could not only be a serious headache, warned Dr. Adolfo Bellosillo, head of the Makati Medical Center’s Cardiac Rehabilitation and Preventive Cardiology Unit.

‘ATTACKED’. Bingeing on high-fat, high-calorie foods, alcoholic beverages and nearly non-stop 24/7 holiday merrymaking cause undue stress to our heart. Amid the revelry, remember to stay alive for the New Year. NOY MORCOSO/INQUIRER.NET


“It could also be fatal. And one thing that I should remind the public of is the one we termed as ‘sudden cardiac death,’ which could occur even in active, seemingly fit and healthy individuals with no known heart disease,” said Bellosillo, who is also the founding president of the Foundation for Lay Education on Heart Diseases.




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