Day: November 12, 2011

Norway ministers brief Parliament on 22 July

Published in The Foreigner,  by Michael Sandelson & Lyndsey Smith The Minister of Justice and Minister of Defence gave the Norwegian Parliament a lengthy explanation today about events during and following Anders Behring Breivik’s twin attacks. The Minister of Justice and Minister of Defence gave the Norwegian Parliament a lengthy […]

The terror of panic

Published in The Foreigner, by Jenny Klinge Norway was hit by the biggest terrorist attack the country has experienced since World War II on 22 July 2011. Terror strikes suddenly and randomly, but it is important not to panic when considering new counter-terrorism measures. A special commission of investigation has […]

Catholic Church issues mea culpa on apartheid

by Jean-Michel Berthoud, The Catholic Church in Switzerland dealt with apartheid “hesitantly” and allowed itself to be influenced by business interests, a church-commissioned study has found. Historians looked into the church’s approach to South Africa’s racial segregation regime between 1970 and 1990 and found “a cautious and rather hesitant […]

Muslims protest at mosque attack

A dead pig and four pig heads were buried on the site of a future mosque in an anonymous anti-Islam attack, police said. The attackers sent anonymous letters to the media in the region near the mosque site in the town of Grenchen in canton Solothurn. In the letter they […]

Religious prejudice and textbooks in Pakistan

Dawn Editorial Sponsored by the US Commission on International Religious Freedom, the study concludes that many textbooks foster intolerance against religious minorities, particularly against the Hindu community. As a result of this “teaching discrimination”, the likelihood increases that violent religious extremism will continue to grow in the country, weakening religious […]