Day: November 24, 2011

Are We Getting Nicer?

Source: Newyorktimes It’s pretty easy to conclude that the world is spinning down the toilet. So let me be contrary and offer a reason to be grateful this Thanksgiving. Despite the gloomy mood, the historical backdrop is stunning progress in human decency over recent centuries. War is declining, and humanity […]

A Pakistani-American tragedy

Source: Daily Times Haqqani was too experienced and sophisticated as well as knowledgeable to have thought that a ‘civilian coup’ to shackle the military in the aftermath of the bin Laden raid was anything but a harebrained scheme. More to his defence, Haqqani did not need an intermediary to pass […]

Has the Bank Run Begun in Europe?

In many ways, the answer to that question is obviously yes. Money-market funds in the United States have quite dramatically slammed shut their lending windows to European banks. According to the Economist, Fitch estimates U.S. money market funds have withdrawn 42 percent of their money from European banks in general. And […]

Smart’ steering wheel provides health check-ups while driving Smart’ steering wheel provides health check-ups while driving Sensors integrated into the ‘smart’ steering wheel measure and monitor the driver’s vital signs while driving. The health diagnostics are displayed on a screen mounted on the dash. Jakob Neuhauser / TUM Sensors integrated into the ‘smart’ steering wheel measure and […]

Canada judge backs anti-polygamy law

British Columbia’s highest court has ruled that Canada’s anti-polygamy law should stand. Chief Justice Robert Bauman said the ban on multiple marriages was consistent with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The case comes after a judge threw out polygamy charges against two bishops of the Fundamentalist Church of […]