A Pakistani-American tragedy

Source: Daily Times

Haqqani was too experienced and sophisticated as well as knowledgeable to have thought that a ‘civilian coup’ to shackle the military in the aftermath of the bin Laden raid was anything but a harebrained scheme. More to his defence, Haqqani did not need an intermediary to pass a memo

The resignation of Professor Husain Haqqani, Pakistan’s ambassador to the US, is a tragedy for both nations and for the future of US-Pakistani relations. The controversy and indeed firestorm around the so-called ‘Memogate’ affair is far from over. In the wake of the resignation, recriminations and even legal action will surely follow.

None of this will be helpful for a fragile relationship only likely to become more fragile and vulnerable. While Pakistan will find a suitable and competent replacement for Mr Haqqani and will do so quickly, it will take time for that individual to navigate his or her away around the intricacies of Washington politics, particularly in an election year with the American public so divided over crucial issues covering virtually every aspect of domestic and foreign policy from the war in Afghanistan to crippling unemployment and an economy that seems immune to corrective action. And, of course, the financial crisis in the Eurozone threatens to cross the Atlantic — a daunting and frightening prospect that could take down the international banking system.


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