Day: November 3, 2011

Afghan Father and Mother kill their Daughters to restore Family “Honour”. Girls were too “Westernized” and had an “Interest in Boys”

TIMOTHY APPLEBY The Globe and Mail KINGSTON – Three teenagers and a woman found dead in a submerged car at the Kingston Mills lock two years ago were the victims of “honour killings” committed by members of their family who then staged an elaborate but clumsy cover-up, a court […]

Religion: Libya and Polygamy

Source/Credit: Thursday, November 3, 2011 , by-R-Fsadni Almost two weeks ago, the official liberation of Libya was celebrated in Benghazi. The speech given by the country’s interim leader, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, has since gained international notoriety. The attention it got was justified but, unfortunately, it was also marred by misreporting. Meanwhile, […]

The wages of war

Source: Times of India Two recent events have brought home some ugly truths. A Sri Lankan-origin Australian tried (unsuccessfully) to lay charges against the president of Sri Lanka, visiting Perth to attend the Commonwealth summit, for alleged war crimes in the war against the Tamil Tigers. Another former head of […]

Branded an Ahmadi, hakim is expelled from district

By Muhammad Sadaqat Published: November 3, 2011 Source/Credit: Xpress Tribune HARIPUR: A hakim accused of being an Ahmadi and proselytising was expelled from Haripur on Wednesday. The police, however, denied expelling Sheikh Arif from the district and said he had decided to leave himself. Chased out or left voluntarily? Haripur police officials said that local ulema, […]

The formative Swiss years of a Thai king

by Marc-André Miserez, Before he became the king of Thailand, Bhumibol Adulyadej lived an almost ordinary life as a student on Lake Geneva in western Switzerland. A new book, written in French by Swiss journalist and author Olivier Grivat, looks at the adolescence of a shy young man, who […]

Arabnews Editorial: Bitter betrayal

The infantile response from the US and Israel to the decision by UNESCO to give full membership to Palestine is astounding. The Israelis have frozen the transfer of funds to the Palestinian Authority, worth about $100 million a month, and say they will speed up settlements in the West Bank […]