An Ahmadi Dental Surgeon of Germany gets Pakistani Achievement Award-2011

By Zubair Khalil Khan


Dental Surgeon MM Bajwa MSc, recieving the Europe Star Award from Lord Ahmad of United Kingdom.

On the eve of Pakistani Achievement Award-2011, for which the ceremony held at London Marriot on 16th of September, a Pakistani Origin Ahmadi Dental Surgeon of Germany, Mohammad Muzafar Bajwa, MSc, got the Europe Star Award for the year 2011. Main considerations for his selection to get this prestigious reward revolved round two distinctive points.

  1. He is the first sole foreigner dental surgeon ever appointed by the German Society of Oral Implantologits as the chairman of study group of dental surgeons in Rhein-Main districts of Germany.
  2. He is the youngest and sole foreigner dental surgeon ever appointed as the evaluator and appraiser to present the German Society of oral Implantology cases in the German prestigious courts.

Dental Surgeon M M Bajwa MSc, after having  recieved the Europoe Star award was interviewed by Mr P J Mir, Beauro Chief of famous TV Net work ARY UK.

All readers of Muslim Times requested to remember this upcoming Ahamdi brother in special prayers.

For more details of the ceremony.

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  1. My heart felt congratulations to Mr.M.M. Bajwa,may Allah bless him, give long life and good health.May you continue to be a good ambassador of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at and may good Lord help the jama’at to produce many of Bajwa.

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