Day: September 15, 2011

Have faith in the power of outreach

Credit: Journal Argus At a recent meeting at East Nissouri Union Church, Ronald Easton of the Christian Services Centre organization talked about efforts to bring Bible study to Ontario public schools, to be offered during what are commonly known as “nutrition breaks”. Taken in isolation, this might not seem controversial. […]

Muslim group out to dispel myths

Source / Credit: By Travis Mealing MIDLAND – An organization promoting peace, condemning terrorism and raising awareness about Islam will pay a visit to Midland this weekend. Representatives of Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association Canada have called on 190 towns across Canada since launching this initiative in November 2010. “It’s […]

Bad cops to be reported to wives

source. Interior Minister Rehman Malik during a visit to the Islamabad Police headquarters. – Photo ISLAMABAD: In an attempt to jar the bad cops of the city out of their obstinate ways, the Islamabad police hierarchy has decided to put them to shame, Dawn has learnt. A points system […]

US warning on militants hurts ties, says Pakistan

source. Afghan policemen leave the site of an attack in Kabul September 14, 2011. US officials suspect militants from the Haqqani network were behind the attack. –Reuters ISLAMABAD: The US warning on militants based in Pakistan goes against counter-terrorism cooperation between the two allies, the foreign ministry said on […]

Taliban hijack the US’s narrative

Source. Asia Times on Line WASHINGTON – General David Petraeus wrote in his 2006 counter-insurgency manual that the United States command headquarters should establish a “narrative” for the counter-insurgency war – a simple storyline that provides a framework for understanding events, both for the population of the country in question […]

Edward Gibbon at America’s grave

Source: Asia Times on line By Mike Davis Someday, a new Edward Gibbon in China or India will surely sit down to write The History of the Decline and Fall of the American Empire. Hopefully it will be but one volume in a larger, more progressive oeuvre – The Renaissance […]

The suicide-bomb capital of the world

source. asiatimes on line Pakistan suffered one suicide bombing before 9/11 – and 4,808 deaths in 303 attacks since. Responsibility is at the door of jihadi groups who for years had been indoctrinated by the Pakistan military and intelligence services for action in Afghanistan and Jammu and Kashmir. In a […]

Free churches gain ground

Source: Swissinfo Twice as many people attend services each week in free – mostly evangelical – churches as in the state-recognised Protestant Church. That is according to findings published on Thursday as part of a National Science Foundation project investigating religions, the state and society. Twenty-nine per cent of all […]

Oud: The Scent of Arabian Luxury

By RIMA AL-MUKHTAR, RIMA.ALMUKHTAR@ARABNEWS.COM Published: Sep 14, 2011 16:26 Updated: Sep 14, 2011 17:32 A renowned Arab Caliph once said: “If I were a merchant, I would only trade in Oud perfume, so that if I did not make a profit, I would have profited from its sensational scent.” Oud […]