Muslim group out to dispel myths

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By Travis Mealing

MIDLAND – An organization promoting peace, condemning terrorism and raising awareness about Islam will pay a visit to Midland this weekend.
Representatives of Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association Canada have called on 190 towns across Canada since launching this initiative in November 2010.
“It’s to dispel the myths and the misconceptions that people have out there about Islam,” said Rizwan Rabbani, the group’s director. “You see a guy with a beard, a practising Muslim, and you think he’s a terrorist. That’s the image that’s out there, but that’s not really what Islam teaches us.”
Local residents are invited to stop by the Midland Public Library from 1 to 5 p.m. Saturday for an “open house” that will examine various aspects of the Qur’an, the Muslim holy book.
“We are there with an open mind and an open heart,” said Rabbani. “We are not there to convert anybody.”
He added the response he has witnessed in communities such as Woodstock, Lindsay and Timmins has been “unbelievable” and “amazing.”
“I never expected that people do respect religion that much,” he said. “When people come, they come prepared. They want to sit down with you … and talk.”

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