Day: September 13, 2011

Members of Congress and Muslims Unite

Source/Credit: Cisionwire The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA received bipartisan support last week for its 9/11 memorial blood drive in the Cannon congressional building as part of its nationwide “Muslims for Life” campaign, which aims to honor the 10thanniversary of 9/11 and underscore the message that Islam emphasizes the sanctity of all life. […]

Youth group aims to dispel myths about Islam

Credit: Peterborough Examiner A toronto based youth group hopes to dispel myths and misunderstandings about Islam and Qur’an as it brings its travelling Open house to Peterborough. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association Canada has been canvassing neighbourhoods across Canada during winter months, attempting to battle the Islam’s Holy book. “We […]

Japan has 47,700 centenarians

Number of centenarians hits new high in Japan TOKYO — The number of people aged 100 or older in rapidly greying Japan has hit a record high for the 41st consecutive year, the government said Tuesday. The health ministry said 37 out of every 100,000 people in the country are […]

Jihadis in Syria: Myth or reality?

source.  asia times on line. In a speech on June 20, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad identified three components of the unrest in his country: citizens with legitimate grievances and needs that must be addressed; criminal elements; and “radicals” seeking to destabilize the country. He accused external forces, outlaws, and radicals […]

MPs to boycott Pope’s Bundestag speech

Source: The Local As preparations are finalised for Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Germany at the end of the month, a number of MPs have declared they will boycott his speech to parliament. Around half the members of the Bundestag from the socialist Left party will leave the German parliament […]

Editorial: ‘Ambon manise’

The Jakarta Post For the past decade the people of Ambon and the entire province of Maluku have been licking their wounds from a bloody sectarian conflict that sociologists said was a test of the country’s pluralism. So when riots erupted anew in this peaceful town on Sunday, claiming three […]