Members of Congress and Muslims Unite

Source/Credit: Cisionwire

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA received bipartisan support last week for its 9/11 memorial blood drive in the Cannon congressional building as part of its nationwide “Muslims for Life” campaign, which aims to honor the 10thanniversary of 9/11 and underscore the message that Islam emphasizes the sanctity of all life. Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-CA) was the first to show her support by donating blood.

I join with the Ahmadiyya Community and the American Red Cross to pay homage to the 3,000 Americans who lost their lives ten years ago,” Rep. Speier said.  “The effort by the Ahmadiyya Community to give blood in recognition of the lives that were lost is a very powerful statement.”

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), who issued a one-minute statement from the House of Representatives floor about the “Muslims for Life” campaign, also participated in Friday’s blood drive and offered her support for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s work towards establishing peace and serving humanity.

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  1. The tenth anniversary of 9/11 just passed but the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community will continue to honor the victims of this horrific day by holding more blood drives throughout the country during the month of September. What a great way to foster peace and harmony.

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