Day: September 3, 2011

Why be scared of a Palestinian state?

By Rami G. Khouri, The Daily Star, Beirut, Lebanon Two major Middle East-related events will take place this month with their epicenter in New York City: the commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks in the United States, and the expected Palestinian bid for the United Nations General […]

Sectarian warfare reignited

source:Dailytimes-Pakistan Two despicable terrorist attacks targeting the Shiites in Pakistan should ring alarm bells but it seems that the Pakistani state is oblivious to any such warnings. On Eid day, 11 people lost their lives while more than a dozen others were injured when a suicide bomber targeted a Shia […]

The heart of the problem

source. TOI on Line Just as the witticism in American politics today is that the intellectually challenged Tea Party activists are pitted against the snobbish Coffee House elites, a witticism for the current Indian situation is that ‘Anna’ Hazare is taking on what we might call the ‘Rupaiah’ politicians and […]

433 dead in Eid exodus road accidents

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta The National Command Post for Idul Fitri reported that hundreds of people died in road accidents related to the annual homecoming exodus. “According to data from the police traffic corps, 433 people died in road accidents,” National Command Post head Hotma Simanjuntak said as quoted by […]

Winning without war in Indonesia

Testriono, Jakarta (The writer is a researcher at the Center for the Study of Islam and Society at the State Islamic University Syarif Hidayatullah, Jakarta) I recently met some friends through social media who were elementary or junior high students when the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States. Most […]

Turkey’s expulsion of Israeli envoy welcomed

By AGENCIES • Gul rejects UN’s report on flotilla raid • Ankara suspends military pacts with Tel Aviv • Unapologetic Jewish state further isolated GAZA/ANKARA: The Hamas movement on Friday welcomed Turkey’s decision to expel Israel’s ambassador and its criticism of the Jewish’s state blockade of the Gaza Strip. “Hamas […]