Saudis tweet: Be kind to foreign workers


JAZAN: A number of Saudis have launched a campaign on Twitter asking their compatriots to be kind to the foreign manpower living with them and to spread awareness in society about humanitarian treatment to foreign laborers.

They also tweeted that Saudis should congratulate them on the occasion of Eid, as they do their relatives and friends, and make them part of the local celebrations in order to help them mark Eid as they would in their homeland, Arabic daily Al-Watan reported on Friday.

It said the campaign gained ground after Saudi journalist, writer and TV program presenter Turki Al-Dakheel, who is an influential figure on Twitter with more than 123,000 people following him, gave his support.

“This is the least we can do toward this group of people during Eid. The foreign workers need moral support which is more important to them than earning money,” Al-Dakheel said.

Blogger Badr bin Fadeelah, one of the campaigners, asked Saudis to respect their housemaids who were living with them and were sharing their joy during Eid.

He asked people to stop referring to their housemaids as “servants” and said better words should be used instead. “We can use better titles or call the housemaids by their names,” he said. read more on Arabnews

Categories: Human Rights, Saudi Arabia

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