Day: September 20, 2011

Islamic Insight

Source: Midland Mirror MIDLAND – Iftikhar Ahmed from the  Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association Canada discusses the nature and true meaning of Islam with John Hutchison during a Qur’an open house on Saturday at the Midland Public Library. The Toronto-area group promotes peace, condemns terrorism and raises awareness about the Islamic […]

An Open Letter to the Pakistani Media

Source /Credit: Al Ufaq: 16 September 2011: Written By Atif S. Ahmad: I’m a Pakistani Ahmadi Muslim. I know you haven’t read these three words in a single sentence because of an amendment made to the constitution of our country that precludes the composition of such a statement; legally! Still, I have to […]

Toronto Condo fraud allegations shock family–condo-fraud-allegations-shock-family?bn=1 Allegations of a multi-million-dollar fraud against a condo property manager have stunned members of his family who say they have no clue about his whereabouts. “When I saw his picture (in the newspaper) I was shocked — shocked,” Salman Khan said in his first interview since the scandal broke. […]

Can Secularism Help Pakistan?

Secularism must be embraced and should not be perceived as a threat to religion. Source/Credit: The Express Tribune | Blog By  Faraz Talat | September 13, 2011 The vox populi says “no”, and I understand that most readers would hold fast to this sentiment with earnest sagacity regardless of what I […]

Earthquake Rocks India and Nepal

Source: The New York Times   GUWAHATI, India (AP) — A strong earthquake shook northeastern India and Nepal on Sunday evening, touching off landslides, wrecking buildings and sending people fleeing into the streets of Katmandu, the Nepalese capital, and other cities. Initial reports indicated that at least 16 people were […]