Day: September 6, 2011

Turkish PM announces additional sanctions on Israel

Source / Courtesy: CNN Istanbul (CNN) — Turkey’s fiery prime minister ratcheted up rapidly-escalating tensions with Israel on Tuesday, comparing Ankara’s once-close middle eastern ally to a “spoiled boy” and announcing additional sanctions would soon be imposed. “We are completely suspending all of these, trade relations, military relations, related with the defense […]

The abnormality syndrome in Pakistan

Source:dailytimes Pakistan As a teenager, when I was supposed to be enjoying life, making friends, watching movies, playing games, socialising and talking about our little dreams, I was thinking of pleasing God and hating His perceived enemies “The only abnormality is the incapacity to love” — Anais Nin. According to […]

The curse of intolerance

source:dailytimes-Pakistan A myriad curses afflict Pakistan. One of them is intolerance of views — religious and other. In this intolerant climate, the news of an innocent Ahmedi’s death at the hands of bigots points at the rot in our society. Naseem Ahmed was assassinated in Faisalabad late night on Saturday. […]

China white paper pledges peaceful rise

China’s government has released a policy document that lays out its vision for the country’s future. It says it wants to be a rich, strong nation at peace with other countries. China will not repeat the mistakes of other great powers who sought to dominate other nations, the white paper […]

Iran’s nuclear dream comes true

Source. Asiatimes on Line Russia has given Iranians cause for joy as the much-delayed nuclear power plant in Bushehr finally goes online. More nuclear contracts with Tehran may follow along with positive action from Tehran on Moscow’s proposals to end the nuclear impasse. Celebrations are tempered, however, by the “double-edged […]

Libya: The real war starts now

Source: Asiatimes on Line. As the Libyan Transitional National Council already behaves like a lame duck and as the militias will simply not vanish, it’s not hard to picture Libya as a new Lebanon, with regions carved up between numerous factions. This includes the deadly Islamic temptation – which is […]

Israel-Turkey storm will blow over

Source:Asiatimes on Line The leaked United Nations report on the takeover of a Turkish ship by Israeli commandos last year in which nine people died has sent relations between Ankara and Tel Aviv from cold to icy. In the immediate future, the countries will take their own separate paths navigating […]

It’s the practical approach

source:toi on line The government has begun to look for alternate ways to deal with drug abuse, and little wonder. With an estimated 7.5 crore drug addicts in India at last count – that’s just the formal figure – it isn’t a problem that’s going to go away soon. Neither […]

Pakistan: The federal government must intervene to stop the killings of Ahmadis

Source: Nasim Malik of Sweeden through Asian Human Rights Commission About AHRC: The Asian Human Rights Commission is a regional non-governmental organisation that monitors human rights in Asia, documents violations and advocates for justice and institutional reform to ensure the protection and promotion of these rights. The Hong Kong-based group was founded […]