Pakistan: The federal government must intervene to stop the killings of Ahmadis

Source: Nasim Malik of Sweeden through Asian Human Rights Commission

About AHRC: The Asian Human Rights Commission is a regional non-governmental organisation that monitors human rights in Asia, documents violations and advocates for justice and institutional reform to ensure the protection and promotion of these rights. The Hong Kong-based group was founded in 1984.

Another Ahmadi killed in hate crime against religious minorities

The religious minority group of Ahmadis is under constant threat of religious hate crimes and no serious efforts have been initiated by the government to provide protection the community.

In the latest incident a member of the Ahmadiyya community was murdered after receiving death threats from an extremist group who is allegedly patronized by the Punjab provincial government. Mr. Naseem Ahmad Butt, 55, was shot dead by four men as he lay sleeping inside his house in Muzaffar Colony, Faisalabad, Punjab province. According to his brother Khalid Pervez Butt, at about 1am, the attackers entered by climbing over the walls. “The boys were between 20 and 25 years old. Three of them kept a watch on the door as one kicked my brother. When he was awake, the killer said “You are Ahmadi and liable to be killed”, Khalid told daily The Express Tribune.

The attacker then shot Naseem in the chest while another bullet ruptured his kidney. A car and a bicycle were used in the attack, Khalid said. Naseem, was a worker at a power loom factory and leaves behind his widow, four daughters and a son. His first cousin, Naseer Butt, was also killed last year when he was passing through a crowded market place in the same Faisalabad city. Police have made no effort to trace his killers and the case has been declared as a blind murder.

In a hate campaign a band religious group is openly issuing pamphlets calling on citizens to kill people from the Ahmadiyya community. This should be done in the open and crowded market places as a Jihad (holy war). Killing, beating and punishing them would be rewarded by God.

The Asian Human Rights Commission has informed the authorities about the plan to target Ahmadis but no action whatsoever has been taken and this religious minority group has been left to the mercy of militant religious groups. Please see: PAKISTAN: Extremists openly plan to kill hundreds of Ahmadis–government turns a blind eye. In this instance the pamphlets were published by the All Pakistan Student Khatm-e-Nabowat Federation and were issued by the information department of Aalmi Majlis-e-Khatm-eNabowat Shafaat-e- Muhammadi with their phone numbers and email address.

In the hate crimes against the Ahmadiyya community more than 111 Ahmadis have been killed in target killings since 1984 when an ordinance against Ahmadis were issued by a military dictator. In May last year, more than 88 people were killed in the provincial capital Lahore when gunmen opened fire at two separate places of worship and, one year on, no progress has been made by investigators.

The government of President Asif Zadari must take immediate action to protect the Ahmadiyya community and bring to a halt the hate crimes being committed openly against them. There is no question as to the identities of the religious extremists who are calling for a Jihad against the Ahmadiyya community as they openly express their hate speeches from the public address systems of their mosques. The provincial government of the Punjab has been implicit in assisting the Jihad and makes no effort to conceal the fact that they openly support the extremist. Once again the government of President Zadari knowing that one of their provincial governments is openly supporting the Jihad against the Ahmadiyya community has done nothing.

The federal government must intervene with all haste to rein in the extremists and seriously question a provincial government that encourages violence against the people of Pakistan regardless of their religious faith or ethnicity.

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  1. Our hearts are are highly grieved and sad to know the the continuos killings and persecution of Ahmadi Muslims only for their faith in Pakistan perticulary in Punjan,Sind.

    The Pakistan Government of Pakistan and provincial governments are totally failed to control such kind of extreme killings and persecutions against peace loving Ahmadi Muslims.
    The basic reason of such of continuos killings and persecutions are the laws and Martial law ordinances promulgated during the periods of Bhutto and Zia-ul-Haq governents declaring Ahmadi Muslims to be heretics and not-Muslims!

    Thus Ahmadi Muslims are deprived of basic human rights of religion and faith.

    In such highly worst situation in Pakistan Ahmadi Muslims have no way and power to face except PRAYING TO GOD ALMIGHTY.


    Deen Muhammad Shahed,
    Ahmadiyya Muslim Missionary[retired] of Pakistan
    & former Ameer and missionary in charge Fiji Islands.
    at present in Canada

  2. Yes, our hearts grieve for our Ahmadi brothers in Pakistan and elsewhere who are suffering extreme persecution from the public and an uncaring government. Pakistan, in particular has exported it’s extremist views regarding Ahmadiyyat all over the world and most of the other so-called Muslims in the rest of the world are giving heed to their daft proclamations without using their heads by applying what the Holy Qur’an says and the practice of our beloved prophet (pbuh). Only highly ignorant people would believe in such a short-cut to attain heaven! That of killing another human being without just cause. What an irony that the people printing and distributing these pamphlets happen to be college students. One would imagine them to apply their education for the betterment of society – not to cause murder and mayhem. Of what use is such an education?

  3. ‘The West’ does not really bother about the Human Rights of others, members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat included. It is reported that one American Ahmadi went to his senator, who was impressed and went to the person in the Senate who chaired the Human Rights commission. When he presented the Ahmadis case the Chairman of the Human Rights commission took from his library an address by Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IV, which he had held when Israel invaded Lebanon. (am not sure of which of the wars it was, but you can guess that Hazoor did not speak in loving terms of Israel) and the Chairman of the Human Rights Committee said: “Do you think we can help anyone who speaks like this about our friends (Israel)?” End of story. – ‘The West’ only took notice of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws when, by mistake, some Christians got caught in it also. – BUT, DO NOT DESPAIR: ALLAH IS ON OUR SIDE!

  4. As an Ahmadi my heart is grieved and wrenched in my chest on hearing this news. May Allah have mercy on the effected family abundantly and console their hearts as they should be consoled. Amen. As a Muslim we are sure that a martyr gains a very high and an ever living status whereas the the one’s who kills unjustly awaits the severe punishment from Allah in this world and hereafter.
    As for the family of a martyr they will never be left to suffer. Allah will be their provider and Protector. Inshallah.
    It is an irony that more the Nation of Pakistan troubles Ahmadies the more they are loosing every dignity, humanity and peace in their daily life by every passing minute and yet their senses have become so numb that they do not realize this downfall. Neither they are realizing these grave consequences to be a wrath of Allah.

    May Allah make them realize their wrong doings and repent. If not for Ahmadies but for their own well being they should refrain harming innocent people.

    I wish, pray and yearn that these people took heed.Amen

    My deepest condolences to all my Ahmadi brothers and sisters and the effected family.

  5. .This is simply a genocide killing of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community esp. in Pakistan.About the above topic i would just say as one Urdu language poet said in his poetry; “Hui jin se tawaqo kastagi ki dad paane ki-Wo hum si bhi zianda kaatai taigo sitam nikle” I means those toward whom we are looking for refuge, peace and justice, infact they them self are the cause of destruction and bloodshed .So in my opinion to have any hope of piety, mercy or justice from such a GOVT which its self is involve in such brutal activities, is a vain hope. Better Ahamadies should file their case in the court of Allah

  6. When I pray for our brothers/sisters who are being persecuted I usually add that ‘shower Your blessings over us in such a way that even our enemies will realize that Your blessings are with us’ … Ameen

  7. True it is that double standards of West including USA are the main hurdles to get the anti ahmadiyya laws repealed in Pakistan and elsewhere. Wrath of Allah is already very much visible all over Pakistan. If others did not take the matter seriously, sooner or later will also become the victim of wrath of Almighty.

  8. I recall that our beloved Ameer ul Momineen, Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IV., may he rest in peace, was very disappointed by the response of the then Swedish Prime Minister. When told that we can not pray openly in Pakistan without getting arrested his response was just ‘what is the problem, you can pray at home’…

  9. Another intresting quote, when some one stated the dangers, ahmadies facing in various cities of Pakistan, the prominent western leader suggested, “Why all ahmndies do not migrate and live in Rabwah” Such replies are common with double standard western leaders.

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