Day: September 16, 2011

Finding peace in the village

Source: Vaughan today It’s 8:45 on an August night and the sidewalks of Ahmadiyya Avenue are illuminated with the vibrant colours of women and children in shalwar kameez. The unisex South-Asian cultural garb, traditionally worn in Pakistan, comes in an array of colours, though men generally wear white. While many […]

Smooth Haj transport system stressed

By BADEA ABU AL-NAJA | ARAB NEWS Published: Sep 16, 2011 23:23 Updated: Sep 16, 2011 23:23 MAKKAH: The Tawafa Organization for Non-Arab African Pilgrims has organized two workshops on the frequent transport system being implemented by Saudi authorities for the transportation of pilgrims from certain countries during the peak […]