Day: September 11, 2011

Cover price

Source: TOI on line One of the consequences of 9/11 was that national security became big business. Just how much has this protective cover cost the American taxpayer? Figuring that out is not easy given the fog that surrounds US defense expenditure. But a citizens’ group called National Priorities Project […]

No role in 9/11 attacks: Taliban

source:times of india WASHINGTON: The Taliban have said that their movement had no role in the 9/11 terror attacks and accused the United States of using the incident to invade Afghanistan where they have killed tens of thousands of innocent Afghans. In a defiant statement emailed to media, the Taliban […]

Islamophobia exposed

Source: Irfan Ahmed Khan of Germany Author and activist Tariq Ali spoke on ‘The Perils of Islamophobia’ last week at the annual Marxism festival in London ‘We live in dangerous and unpredictable times. If anyone had suggested 30 or 40 years ago that one of the central issues we would […]

Murder in the name of God

Source: The European Political Newspaper/ September 11, 2011 / Dr Charles Tannock (MEP) Member of the European Parliament for London People gather after Friday congregational prayers to protest for the release of Mumtaz Qadri, one of the elite police guard who killed Salman Taseer the governor of Pakistan’s most populous […]

Why 9/11 was good for religion

Source: The Guardian Author: Andrew Brown 9/11 strengthened fundamentalism in every global faith – and in atheism too. But it has also led to backlashes against these doctrines wherever they have appeared. In Islam there have been positive developments. The attacks were repeatedly and clearly condemned by Muslim leaders all […]

Palestine’s moment of truth

By Shane McGinley, ArabianBusinessCom Hanan Ashrawi is laughing heartily. With rockets shooting over the Gaza Strip and the conflict escalating, the job of a Palestinian politician is usually a pretty serious task. Therefore, it is a welcome sign that she can enjoy some light relief from time to time. So […]