The New World Order of Islam (14): A Destined Victory

Ahmadiyya mosque ‘Baitul Futuh’ in London, opened in 2005

Love will defeat violence
The foundations of the New Order were not laid in Russia in 1910 or in any other country, nor will they be laid in future after the present war. As a matter of fact the New Order, which is designed to bring comfort and prosperity to every human being and to safeguard true religion, was founded in 1905. The world is in need of no other New Order. This New Order is not based upon coercion or violence but upon affection and goodwill. It preserves the selfrespect of man, fosters intellectual progress and promotes individual initiative and enterprise. (…)

Victory has been already decreed
It may be objected that we are a small community and that it would be vain to expect that we should be able to give practical effect to the expectations based upon this system. To this my reply is that it is a part of our firm belief and faith that the spread of our Movement has been decreed by God. Under Divine Revelations and in accordance with Divine Promises we firmly believe that in the course of half a century, or a century, Ahmadiyyat is bound to become dominant. We believe equally firmly that the system which was inaugurated by the Promised Messiah (a) is bound to establish itself successfully. Heaven and earth may pass but God’s Words cannot go unfulfilled.

Hastily advocated systems will pass away
It is objected sometimes that the progress of the community is so slow that it is not possible to foresee when this New Order may become established. The answer is that a structure which is not raised on firm foundations soon falls to the ground. These hastily constructed social and economic systems which are being advocated today will pass away very quickly. The only system, that will endure, will be the one based upon the willing cooperation of human beings. The grass grows today and withers tomorrow, but the tree which has to yield fruit takes long to grow and then endures for long. As our community grows, this system also will grow with it.

Do not worry about wealth, but integrity
The Promised Messiah (a) has said in Al-Wasiyyat,

Do not think that this is all fancy. This is the decree of the Almighty, the Ruler of the earth and the heavens. I am not worried over how all this property will be collected and how a community will grow up to accomplish all this in the strength of its faith. What I do worry about is lest, after our time, those who are put in charge of these funds should be tempted by their volume and should yield to such temptation and incline towards the world. So I pray that God may continue to provide this Movement with honest and faithful workers who should work for the sake of God, though it would be permissible that in the case of those, who have no other means of subsistence, an allowance may be made out of these funds.

(…) So, the Promised Messiah (a) has himself raised this question and given the answer. People say, where will all this money come from? He says it will come without fail. His fear is lest people should begin to love this money for its own sake. He is convinced that money and property will come by millions, so much so that no State— American, Russian, English, German, Italian or Japanese—will ever have had so much wealth and property under its control. He is afraid that this might lead to dishonesty. He, therefore, tells us not to worry as to how this system would be established, but to be diligent in making ourselves fit for it.

Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad, The New World Order of Islam (1942), Islam International Publications, Tilford UK 2005 (pdf); p. 131-134. Subheadings by the editor.

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