Interfaith dialogue ambassador works to share her Jordanian experience with the world

Ayah Alfawaris attends the One Young World 2011 summit in Zurich earlier this month (Photo courtesy of Ayah Alfawaris)

Rand Dalgamouni, JORDAN TIMES

ZURICH – One young Jordanian is working to share her experience in interfaith tolerance and dialogue in the Kingdom with the rest of the world.

Fresh graduate Ayah Alfawaris has represented Jordan at international summits, speaking as an ambassador for interfaith dialogue.

In 2010, she was one of three young Jordanian delegates who participated in the One Young World (OYW) international summit in London, where discussions covered six impact areas, one of which was interfaith dialogue.

“It was a topic that I was very interested in… because many people are sometimes biased against Muslims and Arabs,” Alfawaris told The Jordan Times in a recent interview.

“I felt that the interfaith leader at the summit should be Muslim, to help people understand that Muslims are moderate and tolerant, not extremists,” she said.

At the OYW inaugural summit last year, participants were invited to nominate themselves for the position of ambassador in any of the fields covered at the summit, which also included media, environment, global business, global health and leadership.

The 22-year-old was elected as an ambassador for interfaith dialogue.

She said that coming from Jordan, where “Christians and Muslims coexist in peace”, has helped her develop an understanding and openness for interfaith dialogue.

“Ever since I was young, our neighbours were Christians. Until this day, many of our friends are Christians, and at the same time, we don’t avoid discussing religion, We ask each other about our faiths.”

“Since I have the skills to discuss and understand other opinions without getting too emotional, I think it is my duty to represent Islam and Arabs and show the world that Muslims and Christians in Jordan live side by side in peace.”


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