A Prominent Muslim Politician from Sweden wants the Recognition of Palestine

Source/Credit: Ostran.se ∫ By: Ulf Carlsson  ∫Friday 23 September 2011

A fighter: Nasim Malik has been fighting for Palestine for 40 years – It’s time for a recognition of the state, he says. 

To recognize Palestine as a state alongside Israel is the only solution to the state of the Middle East. 

It says Kalmar politician Nasim Malik (S), which for 40 years been involved in this matter.

Already 40 years ago he demonstrated in “Love, not war” as a solution to the Palestinian issue. He is worried about the consequences of a no to a request by Palestine to become a full member of the UN.

Stressing that it’s only viable is to sell the hatred and mistrust. To once again feel that they are opposed by the Western world, giving more energy to the argument. EU and Sweden must lead the way, he says. Sweden has given over much of the role it had in the world to Norway.

The Olof Palme and Anna Lindh time, Sweden was the country that took responsibility for making contacts and peace. Not so today.

Nasim Malik believes that much of the terrorism grounds from the unresolved issue of refugees in the Middle East. When the third generation of Palestinians is growing up in camps, it is not difficult to sell into terror.

I rejoice in the Arab democratic spring. But I worried, too. We know that the fundamentalists are very well-organized. What is it that will take power, which is behind, when the old dictator’s overthrow. Western politicians are sometimes very naive. Who wrote the analysis of what is behind those brave young people who are demonstrating.

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  1. Today, in the evening Palestinian president Mahmood Abaas will address the UN session. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat has always raised its voice for the Palestinian people and it wants the recognition of Palestine as a sovereign state.

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