Need of Urgent Revision


Another crucial point pertains to religious fundamentalism and terrorism which has engulfed the whole country. Each day blood of innocent citizens is being sucked by this curse.  In order to eradicate the menace of religious fundamentalism and terrorism, Imran khan has to look in to the root cause of this problem. Self made interpretation of Islamic terminologies by fundamentalist Mullahs is the root cause and in fact adding more fuel to current wave of religious intolerance. First such attempt was made by incorporating the definition of a “Muslim” in the constitution of Pakistan. Basing on this constitutional clause, later more and more fuel was pumped to boost the fire on this issue. Many notable quarters of the country have since acknowledged the inclusion clause defining Muslim was a political stunt and past rulers wanted politically motivated benefits from it. So why not to repeal such clause from the constitution?  Let the Pakistan to stay a secular state as initially was the motive of Qaid-e-Azam.  State should not interfere in to the religious matters of citizens. Each Pakistani should enjoy equal rights and privileges irrespective of his belief. Any bold action in this regard can pave the way for a long lasting peace in the country.


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