Iqraa to telecast multilingual programs in Ramadan


JEDDAH: To mark the launching of multilanguage Islamic religious programs on Iqraa Global Channel from the first day of Ramadan, the channel will air a special program at 10 p.m. Makkah time Friday.

The channel’s Islamic programs will eventually be transmitted in seven world languages. Initially they will be only in English but gradually the programs will be presented in French, Urdu, Malay, Chinese, Afrikaans and Russian.

The special event on Friday will feature meetings with the Iqraa stars, focusing on the achievements of the channel that has an ambitious plan to reach the largest possible number of viewers around the globe.

The participants will include founder of the channel Saleh Kamel, religious figures, such as Abdullah Al-Harthy and Muhammad Nuh Al-Qudah, media personalities, including Iman Riyad and Ala Al-Tamimi, as well as a number of television presenters from around the world.

Founded in 1998 by the Arab Media Corporation, Iqraa is the first Islamic satellite channel.

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  1. Iqraa may be the first Saudi Arabian Islamic satellite channel, however, much earlier than that the MTA – Muslim Television Ahmadiyya was established as the first Islamic world-wide satellite TV channel!

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