Documentary on Jesus’ Mysterious Stay in Kashmir Selected for International Festival

A documentary film, directed and written by writer-director Yashendra Prasad, based on Jesus Christ’s mysterious stay in Kashmir, has been selected to be screened in the prestigious fourth International documentary and short film festival of Kerala to be held from July 31 to August 4 in Tiruananthpuram. The 52-minute English documentary, The Rozabal Shrine of Srinagar, produced by the film division of government of India was selected in the competitive section of long documentary films along with 11 other such films. The winner of this category would be awarded a prize money of Rs one lakh and citation. The festival is being organised by the Kerala state Chalchitra Academy of Department of Cultural Affairs. Mr Prasad told UNI today the Rozabal Shrine in Srinagar on which the documentary was based, contained one of the biggest mysteries of the world. It contained the tomb of Yuza Asaf who was supposed to be none other than Jesus Christ. The film explores the research works of national and international experts who are convinced of this fact, he said. According to traditions dating 1st century AD and several ancient works in Persian, Arabic & Sanskrit, this Yuza Asaf was a Prophet to the Children of Israel who was crucified by his own people. However, he survived the crucifixion and migrated to live in Kashmir. There were tantalizing architectural, inscriptional, anthropological, archeological evidences which strongly indicated that Yuza Asaf was, indeed, Jesus Christ. He had arrived in Kashmir in the 1st century, he said. Mr Prasad, who originally hails from Gopalganj district of Bihar, said, the film also depicted the 1st journey of Isa to India, when he was a young boy of 13 years. He travelled to Punjab, Rajasthan, and lived in Jagannath Puri, Rajgriha and the Himalayan region. Isa or Yuza was highly adored by their followers and Kings of the Vedic Dharma and Buddhism. There are records which show his interactions with King Gopananda of Kashmir, King Shalivahan & Kanishka.

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The picture is of tomb of Jesus in Kashmir, India.

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  1. Looks Almighty, Himself paving the way to prove the truth revealed by founder of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

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