Norway Terrorist inspired by Geert Wilders

The 1,500 page document which appears to have been written by […] the Norwegian arrested for killing at least 92 people in a bombing and shooting spree, contains many references to Islam in the Netherlands.

The document, which includes many references to newspaper reports and right-wing blogs, refers several times to Geert Wilders but not to his current role in national government, indicating it was written some time ago. It includes several quotes by Wilders and mentions his video compilation Fitna and the protests it generated.

The document also mentions Ehsan Jami, the anti-Islam activist who disbanded his committee of ex-Muslims, riots in Amsterdam’s Slotervaart district, bus drivers in Gouda who had been attacked by Moroccan youths and various surveys on Islam and the Dutch.

‘My bet is still on Britain, or possibly Denmark, as the first Western country to face a civil war due to Muslim immigration, but the Netherlands is a potential candidate as well,’ the document says.

‘I just wonder whether the Dutch are already a broken nation, mentally speaking. Their political elites have chosen formal surrender and will enforce sharia and ban everybody disagreeing with this as ‘extremists’. Native Dutchmen will either have to fight back or leave their country behind and watch it die from a distance, as a significant number of them have already done.’

The document also includes calculations of how much anthrax would be needed to wipe out ‘A and B category traitors’ in the Netherlands and other European countries and a list of nuclear power facilities.

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