Yemen opposition moves to declare transitional council


SANAA: Yemen’s main opposition, the Joint Meeting Parties, has embarked on consultations to form a unilateral transitional council to replace the current government, a move that was strongly denounced by the government that warned of repercussions.

Mohammed Al-Mutwikil, a senior opposition figure, told Arab News that the opposition intends to move into two parallel ways: political and physical.

“If we lose the first, we will not lose the second. Most of the provinces are out of the state’s control and we are afraid if these provinces are left with power vacuums they will gradually seek separation from the country.”

However, Tariq Al-Shami, the ruling party’s spokesman, described the opposition move as unacceptable and provocative, calling upon the opposition to resume talks with his party.

Al-Mutwikil added that the opposition has already drafted a formula for the council and it is now under discussion.

“Following this step, each party in the opposition coalition will separately discuss the formula. The final version of the formula will be presented to the protesters in the camping areas. Following the discussion with the protesters, we will declare the council.”

The opposition says the country’s unity is in jeopardy since the government is unable to carry out its duty.

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