Which way forward?

Which way forward?

On the American drone attacks and possible military incursions into Pakistan, like the operation to get bin Laden, I am reminded of an incident narrated to me by a very dear elder, Sayeed Hasan Khan. He recalls it was during the freedom movement around 1946-47 when he ran into a woman sweeper in a street of Lahore.

On the one side there was a freedom rally going on and on the other the woman (a Christian lady) was carrying on with her work unperturbed, rather disinterested in the goings on. Khan Sahab asked her: ‘So aren’t you for freedom? Aren’t you going to join them?’ She replied in chaste Punjabi: ‘Saade kolon azaadi mangde ne. Assi vi nahin deni’ (they are demanding freedom from us; we ain’t going to give it). She controlled the freedom from or subservience to the British as much as we do today the American military raids on our territory, as we tell them: ‘We won’t allow you to raid us again’ and that ‘Drone strikes are unacceptable’.




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