‘Religious institutions can play key role in combating human trafficking’

By Hani Hazaimeh

AMMAN – HRH Princess Basma on Sunday underlined the important role of religious institutions in combating human trafficking via raising public awareness on the impact of this crime on society.

Addressing participants in a workshop titled “Working together to fight trafficking in persons”, she highlighted the progress the Kingdom has made over the past years in combating this crime.

“Jordan has advanced significantly in addressing trafficking in persons by endorsing the Human Trafficking Law and issuing a national strategy, paving the way for a national action plan that identifies the right approach and tools needed to end this phenomenon and provide protection for the victims,” Princess Basma said at the opening session of the two-day workshop.

However, more work is still needed to reach the aspired objectives, such as introducing the contents of the strategy into the educational curricula, she added.

“Work contracts should also clarify the rights of human trafficking victims and include guidelines to be followed in case they are subject to human trafficking. This needs coordination between all relevant parties in the public and private sectors since trafficking in persons is classified as a trans-border crime and considered one of the worst forms of violations to human dignity,” Princess Basma said. read more

Note: The words ‘human trafficking’ are sort of fashionable, however, instead of clearly and simply mention the real problem in the Middle East, and that is how to treat a ‘domestic servant’ one uses the United Nations big words. Most persons will miss the point and not feel that it concerns them, after all, they legally obtained their ‘domestic servants’ from a ‘legal agent’.

HRH Princess Basma attends the opening session of a workshop on ‘Working together to fight trafficking in persons’, on Sunday (Petra photo)

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  1. Letter sent to the Jordanian Times:

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you very much for your article “Religious Institutions can play a key role to combat Human Trafficking”. No doubt the efforts of the Jordanian Government and also especially of Her Royal Highness Princess Basma in supporting this cause are highly appreciated.

    However, one main problem in Jordan and the whole region is the treatment of the domestic workers. When we talk about Human Trafficking hardly anyone will feel that it concerns them, after all every one got their domestic help from an officially recognized labor agent. Who then would recognize that not to stick to your labor contract, not to pay your domestic servant regularly, not to give her a day a week off to spend with her friends, will come close to Human Trafficking? (the term Human Trafficking can apply if the person is cheated or used differently to her/his labor contract)

    I would therefore appeal to Her Royal Highness Princess Basma to speak out clearly and directly against those who mistreat domestic helpers, who do not pay them regularly, who do not stick to their contracts also in terms of one day off per week. Yes, Religious Institutions can play a key role here also. After all there are many Hadith where the Prophet (peace be on him) told us to treat those who work for us fairly.

    Rafiq A. Tschannen

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