Study: ‘Jesus’ wife’ fragment not a fake

By Daniel Burke, CNN Belief Blog Co-Editor

(CNN) – A team of scientists has concluded that a controversial scrap of papyrus that purportedly quotes Jesus referring to “my wife,” is not a fake, according to the Harvard Theological Review.

“A wide range of scientific testing indicates that a papyrus fragment containing the words, ‘Jesus said to them, my wife’ is an ancient document, dating between the sixth to ninth centuries CE,” Harvard Divinity School said in a statement.

Scientists tested the papyrus and the carbon ink, and analyzed the handwriting and grammar, according to Harvard. Radiocarbon tests conducted at Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology produced an origination date for the papyrus of 659-859 CE, according to Harvard.

MIT also studied the chemical composition of the papyrus and patterns of oxidation. Other scholars studied the carbon character of the ink and found that it matched samples of papyri from the first to eight century CE, according to Harvard.

“None of the testing has produced any evidence that the fragment is a modern fabrication or forgery,” the divinity school said.

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13 replies

  1. He will have a wife upon his descent.
    From literature i have perused, his wife will be from the descendent of the tribe of Shuaib (AS)>

    Please do double check & verify.

    According to the Qur’aan (The Final Revelation) he (Esa (AS) aka Jesus (peace be upon him) did not have a wife.

    Of course everyone is entitled to each one’s opinion , however it is important to ascertain the SOURCE consulted to support scientifically, logically & rationally ; one’s opinion.

    Fabrications are rampant of recent.

  2. “Jesus had a wife”, how many reasons are you going to give for this one.
    There were 65 reasons given for “Jesus did not die on the Cross”.
    If you want I could give you umpteen reasons showing you that “Mohammed was not a prophet”. Would you want me to and would you post them?

    • Dear Ashok Saldanha:

      “65 Reasons to Believe Jesus Did Not Die on the Cross”
      Please see and read the Muslim Times of 4/15/2014, the first article by the Imam I.H. Kauser.

      Thank you,

      Mirza Ahmad

  3. Fauzia:

    Please think:

    1: Who will give his daughter to a 2,014 year old man if he comes now? But his arrival is not known.
    2: Could he find his match of his own age? Or half of his age or 1/4th of his age i.e., 1,000 or 500 year old girl?
    3: The source you have used is not mentioned and no reference is given.
    4: The Holy Quran addressing the Holy Prophet s.a.w. says, “And indeed We sent Messengers before you, and we gave them wives and children. CH:13, V: 39 (for counting the verses I count Bismilla as first verse)
    5: Is he not a prophet of Allah?
    6: Did he not live enough on the earth to get married?

    Mirza Ahmad

  4. Ashok Saldanha:

    I think, for giving the reasons that ‘Muhammad was not a prophet, first break the arguments of “Jesus die on the cross”.
    Let us start from there.


    Mirza Ahmad

  5. Ashok Saldanha:

    In my previous comments, the sentence in the inverted commas should be read as:

    “Jesus did not die on the cross”


    Mirza Ahmad

    • Mirza Ahmad,
      People get scared to ADMIT Christ died on the cross and ROSE AGAIN & that His tomb is EMPTY.
      “Jesus did not die on the Cross” then what happened pray tell? Did allah take the Christ up and put good old Judas on the gibbet? & Mary, the mother of Jesus “did not recognise Him on the cross” (What type of a mother would she be – not recognising her own son, someone with whom she lived for 33 years) & yet you believe Mohammed saying things 650 years after this FACT.
      Now would you want me to give you reasons that “Mohammed was not a prophet” or do I wait till you are ready to accept the FACT that Christ’s tomb is EMPTY.

      • Dear Ashok Saldanha:

        The fact is that “Jesus did not die on the cross”. The people scare to accept that Jesus was a man; prophet of God; Son of man rather son of a woman;
        like the other prophets of God; did not die on the cross; could not save himself from all kinds of insult from the hands of Jews; had knowledge only what was given by God to him like the other prophets of God; did not know that that was not the weather of fig’s fruit and could not find any figs on the fig tree when he was hungry and started cursing the tree.
        Please don’t consider me among-st those people who believe that Jesus was not put on the cross. I do believe that he himself was put by force on the cross by the Jews, mocking at him at every step and spiting on his face, abusing him, but he could not save himself from all this disgrace and insult, because he was a man/prophet and not more than that.
        In spite of all this God the Almighty saved him from the cursed death being on the cross. He was like the dead bodies when he was taken down from the cross and was in coma.
        He was then treated by Nicodemus and after getting some strength left his grave empty, met some of his disciples eat food with them and secretly migrated to an unknown place to find the lost sheep of the hose of Israel. He did not go to the heaven. The lost sheep of the house of Israel were not on the heaven but they were on the earth.
        Muhammad peace be upon him, did not claim himself that he knew what happened 650 years ago with Jesus(peace be upon), rather he said that God the Almighty the All Knowing who also was present at the time of all the happenings about Jesus pbuh revealed to him about this truth, like he used to reveal so many truths to other prophets including Jesus pbuh.
        Let us deal with these things first then we shall talk about the Holy Prophet Muhammad pbuh God willing.

        Mirza Ahmad

      • Mirza Ahmed,

        I have seen some naive people in my life, you take the cake.
        In other words the Gospels and the over 500 witnesses who saw the Christ ARE WRONG and Mohammed’s comments 650 years later ARE THE GOSPEL TRUTH.
        You seem to be side stepping one important fact which I had posted. “How did the apostles take away His body (a “comatose” Christ according to you- wonder where you got that from its not there in the Koran) through the crowded streets for the Feast of the Passover?
        “He was then treated by Nicodemus” that is good. So now Nicodemus becomes a Doctor.
        “…and after getting some strength left his grave empty, met some of his disciples eat food with them and secretly migrated to an unknown place…..were on earth” in other words A beaten, scourged, nailed to the cross, pierced with a lance Christ just got up and went about His work after being treated with aloe and some other herbs and ointments”. WOULD YOU believe this if something like this happened to someone you know?
        And what about His mother Mary & John and others (witnesses at the Cross) were they also in on this scam?
        and what about the soldiers who were guarding the tomb (the Romans executed soldiers who failed in their duties) Were they bribed?
        C’mon get your facts. The Koran does not know these facts because Mohammed thought these out himself and was not told anything by anybody.
        650 years is too late to ALTER FACTS that Christ’s tomb WAS EMPTY and He LIVES.
        …and to answer your next post. I did read the “65 reasons” and found that the “reasons” made as much sense as Mohammed declaring himself a “prophet”.

        It seems that you are continuing this going no where argument because you do not want to face “Mohammed was not a prophet”

      • Hi Dear Ashok Saldanha,
        Thank you for your continuing post.
        Yes. Nicodemus was a doctor, see and read the following booklet and Full text of “The crucifixion, by an eye-witness; a letter …Google it and read the whole story. Following are just a few lines from that booklet. Please read.

        ‘Nicodemus, who was an experienced phy-
        sician, said, on the way, that the peculiar
        condition of the atmosphere caused by the
        revolution of the elements was beneficial to
        Jesus, and that he never had believed that

        80 The Crucifixion

        Jesus really was dead. And he further
        said that the blood and water which flowed
        from the wound was a sure sign that life
        was not extinct.

        Conversing thus, we arrived at the grot-
        to, Joseph and Nicodemus going before.
        We were in all twenty-four brethren of the
        first degree.

        Entering, we perceived the white-robed
        novice kneeling upon the moss-strewn
        floor of the grotto, supporting the head of
        the revived Jesus on his breast.

        And as Jesus recognized his Esseer
        friends, his eyes sparkled with joy; his
        cheeks were tinted with a faint red, and he
        sat up, asking: *^ Where am If

        Then Joseph embraced him, folded him
        in his arms, told him how it all had come
        to pass, and how he was saved from actual
        death by a profound fainting fit, which the
        soldiers on Calvary had thought was death.

        And Jesus wondered, and felt on him-
        self; and, praising God, he wept on the
        breast of Joseph. Then Nicodemus urged

        The Letter 81

        his friend to take some refreshments, and
        he ate some dates and some bread dipped
        in honey. And Nicodemus gave wine to
        drink, after which Jesus was greatly re-
        freshed, so that he raised himself up.’
        Also read the following:
        “Reflections on J.D. Sham’s Where Did Jesus Die? (3
        Do you believe that God knew every thing the present and the past and the future? If yes, this is what I am saying that the Holy prophet Muhammad was revealed by God about the truth. Muhammad has nothing to do with anything and not to be blamed for any thing.
        More over the Gospels were written long after the incident of Crucifixion. No writer claimed that GOD REVEALED THE Gospels to anyone, and there were many more Gospels and from all those only 4 were chosen. Why the others were rejected?
        You said, “WOULD YOU believe this if something like this happened to someone you know?”
        Yes I know and will give you the examples in my next post. Read the books which I am suggesting. Also watch the movie of BBC:
        BBC Documentary: Did Jesus Die On the Cross? which has come in yesterdays ‘The Muslim Times’ the first heading.

        Thank you,

        Mirza Ahmad

      • Mirza Ahmed, You have given me some book to read which says Nicodemus was a “DOCTOR”. Doctor of what? “Raising the Dead”? Why do Muslims believe anything and everything that goes with “Jesus DID NOT DIE” & most of all from all your thesis from the “booklet” as opposed to the truth of the Gospels you have not yet told me how a scourged, bloodied, beaten, body was taken through roads TEEMING with pilgrims for the Passover, and wonder of wonders the “booklet” does not speak of Mary or any of the other women or John. Maybe they went home after the “farce of the crucifixion” leaving Dr Nicodemus to do his thing,
        Please tell me if Dr. Nicodemus conducted the “operation” at the tomb or did he do it in his operation theatre at his clinic?
        & now…. the BBC with its “Did Jesus Die on the Cross” documentary. One more nail in the EMPTY coffin of Christ huh? I sometimes wonder if the BBC will ever have the guts to make a documentary on “Is the Koran a recital from Mohammed’s pocket or did allah really speak to him?” or “Did Mohammed raid other tribes to increase his power?” without getting BBC headquarters destroyed.
        At the end of the day Muslims (read Mohammed) are scared of the Cross and the Resurrection that followed it. They know Christianity can be destroyed if Christ’s body can be found.
        I did read the “65 reasons” and now the “booklet” of Nicodemus and found that the “reasons” and the “booklet” made as much sense as Mohammed declaring himself a “prophet”.
        It seems that you are continuing this going no where argument because you do not want to face “Mohammed was not a prophet”

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