Worst Countries for Women to live in

Worst countries for women to live in

Sierra Leon
Worst country in the world for women to live in is Sierra Leon. An average women lives 43 years. The reason for this is they have get worst kind of treatment in the society. For instance if a woman is gang rapes, then her husband leaves her, she is rejected by her father, mother and other family members. Whereas the rapist goes scotch free, no punishment.

A girl is married off at 12, if she does not get married off by 18, she is given to human smugglers who employ them for sexual exploitation. Many women die during deliveries, they are not given education. If they leave home to avoid physical abuse, then they have no means to survive except to sell their bodies. Nepal is thus the worst country for women to live in all of Asia. Many women are killed in the name of family honour.

Papa New Guinea
Women here are living the lives they lived thousands of years ago. They are provided no education, working outside the house is out of question to gain financial independence. As soon as she comes of age she is married off. Women with Aids are four times more than men. More than 150 women die each year at the hands of sorcerers and witch-hunters.

India has got a bad name for treatment of women. Girls in general are considered at birth a bad omen. Many women are killed during pregnancies, because girls are considered a burden on the family whereas boys are thought of as bearers of glad tidings. According to one estimate 4 million unborn girls were killed during the last 20 years. Those whose survive are married off in their teenage years, according to a UNICEF report. This is happening in the cities as well as villages. All over the world girls are married off at early age 40% of those live in India. Crime rate is the highest against women. Women who don’t bring enough dowry they are physically abused or commit suicide. Young girls are kidnapped and sold in the sex-market for exploitation or made to work as servants in the houses. In Mumbai over 150,000 women are forced to sell their bodies to survive. At home girls are given less food than boys. Women who die during pregnancies, India is on top of the list. According to UN Human Development report 88% pregnant women have anemia (lack of red blood cells).

Like many countries in Nigeria face daily punishments from their husbands. They face the worst kind of punishments and there is no one to help them. During pregnancies they are not provided medical help. Nigeria is facing food shortage, so some men hide the food and women cannot feed their children. Some men are so daring they sell food they receive; hence institutions like UNICEF are now giving food to women directly. Sexual exploitation is rampant. Women who have more than one husbands, they can kick them out for any trivial matter. If a women goes to police station to complain, she is told you are a women of bad character, you deserve what you got. Family members do not support such women who are mistreated or abused by their husbands. Girls who are married by their parents, seldom tell their parents of any domestic abuse. Literacy rate among women is 15%. (Sunday Express, 29-4-2012).

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3 replies

  1. A tragedy of grave proportions against our mothers, sisters and daughters!!
    Thanks for bringing this to light. These are the extreme cases, sadly, various forms of violence towards our mothers, sisters, daughters and even our meek and weak fathers, brothers and sons are prevalent even in so called ‘modern’ and literate society.
    There is a lot of work to be done to change negative social ideology into positive ones in which everyone is safe and happy. We yearn for that time and hopefully comes soon.

  2. Women must be respected by all means. without women there will be no human race.Islamic teachings are the best “Paradise lies under the feet of your mother” Islam is the only religion who taught a wide range of respect, honor and dignity for a women
    These teachings are very simple and understandable only to apply in any society. Women are free to express their feelings and free from economic problems according to Quran Kareem.

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