Day: September 27, 2013

No faith in the system

The Hindu: by Pallavi Aiyar – Atheists in Indonesia, who have gained little acceptance in a deeply religious society, often find themselves on the wrong side of the law It’s late on a muggy Sunday afternoon in a dimly lit coffee shop in south Jakarta. Many among those sipping cappuccinos […]

The irony on who speaks for Islam

Daily Times: VIEW : The irony on who speaks for Islam — Qasim Rashid As survivors painfully clean their bloodstained churches, mosques, and malls, we’re all once again left asking  How ironic. I stayed up all night writing a rejoinder to an anti-Islam politician who insists that Islam is a violent […]

Demand for amend to blasphemy law exposes PTI

the Nation: MULTAN Strongly deploring Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) for demanding amendments to blasphemy law, the Tehrik Tahaffuz Namoos-e-Risalat (TTNR) declared on Thursday that it will mark Friday as condemnation day (Youm-e-Muzammat) against all those demanding changes in or abolition of the law. Addressing a news conference here, the leaders of […]

Latino Religion Survey Reveals Rise In Unaffiliated And Evangelical Hispanics

Huff Post: Hispanics living in the United States are now increasingly evangelical Protestants or religiously unaffiliated as the number of Catholics among them declines, according to a national survey conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute. While Catholic affiliation has dropped by 16 percentage points (a reported 69 percent Catholic identification […]

Sports day organised by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association at a Rowley Regis park netted almost £500 for charity

Source: A SPORTS day at a Rowley Regis park netted almost £500 for charity with teams taking part in football, volleyball and cricket. More than 80 people turned up for the games organised by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association in Britannia Park last month. There was table tennis played at the Bait ul […]