PM Nawaz Sharif niece gets married to Indian General’s grandson

The Muslim Times’ Editor’s note: We have not been able to confirm the accuracy of this news. This seems to be popular in Google search so we have not deleted it. We will suggest some reading material here for our Hindu readers:

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Nawaz Sharif’s niece Khabija on Friday got married to the grandson of former Indian Army Lt General PN Hoon Kanv Pratap Singh. The marriage was solemnised at a Chandigarh hotel in presence of family members and close friends. While entire family from the boy’s side was present, only the mother of the girl, Nawaz Sharif’s sister-in-law was in attendance.

CHANDIGARH: It should ideally have been one of the most high-profile marriages in the Indian sub-continent for obvious reason that the bride is the niece of Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the daughter of the Pakistan’s Punjab province Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. And the groom is the grandson of a high-flying retired Indian Army General PN Hoon.

However, the marriage was kept a low-key affair for political and religious implications it may have in Pakistan as the fundamentalists there may not accept the marriage of the niece of their Prime Minister to a Hindu boy from India. And probably that explains the absence of both Nawaz and Shahbaz from all the ceremonies.

Nawaz Sharif’s niece Khabija on Friday got married to the grandson of former Indian Army Lt General PN Hoon Kanv Pratap Singh. The marriage was solemnised at a Chandigarh hotel in presence of family members and close friends. While entire family from the boy’s side was present, only the mother of the girl, Nawaz Sharif’s sister-in-law was in attendance.

Khabija is the daughter of Shahabaz Sharif’s third wife. Shahbaz himself so far is married four times and is currently living with his fourth wife.
Khabija and Kanv reportedly met in the United States where both were studying together. Kanv completed his MBA from the US after studying in the prestigious Lawrence School in Sanawar in Himachal Pradesh.

The marriage which was interesting for the obvious reasons of not only being cross border, but also between the first family of Pakistan and an ex-Indian Army General who is known for his strong anti-Pakistan rhetoric. General Hoon is an RSS ideologue and holds a hawkish position on India-Pak relationship. He is settled in Panchkula on the outskirts of Chandigarh city.

Leading Bangalore-based daily Deccan Herald commented on the marriage, “On either side of the border between India and Pakistan, two elite influential families, including one of Pakistan’s top political family currently in power, ceremoniously entered into a relationship by virtue of the marriage of their children in Chandigarh on Friday.”

An impressive marriage ceremony took place during the day on Friday, a day considered auspicious by the Muslims, while a lavish reception was arranged at a swanky five-star hotel in Chandigarh in the evening. The event was a testimony to the recognition and blend of cultures, identities and ideologies sans borders.

For reasons best known to the family, the welcome notice outside the venue read “Somya weds Kanv.” The high-profile reception witnessed a host of VVIPs from the two nations. The list of invitees was carefully crafted and later pruned to make the event a close-knit wedding. Some Punjab MLAs were also present at the marriage.

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  1. Good luck to Khabija, daughter of Punjab’s CM Shahbaz Sharif for getting marriage with grandson of an Indian rtd. army general and become daughter in law of a high profile family of India. Hopefully this event may helpful to Mian brothers the ruling family on Pakistan, to bring two countries Pakistan-India closer as Sharif’s government dreaming since coming into power. In social matters they India-Pakistan already became closer because of the new relationship between Sharif’s family and Indian’s army general family , hopefully the day will come politically the two countries may result more friendly.

      • Yaar hum Chandigarh Main he thy gandu jay koi fake News nahi ha jay sach hai aapni gand mat jala ladki ko koi problem nahi to tujay kaya hua thy ne to ladki nay ha tunay to nahi chal so ja aab tak too suhagrat mana le ho g os nay

  2. what concern you is the Muslims women has been wedded to a Hindu Boy and the Hindu Boy has remained as a Hindu and the Muslim / Pakistani Girl has to become a Hindu Girl. This is negligible and a page in the Muslim times is too much.

    • I want to let you know that this is a FALSE story. She never married the Indian generals grandson. This is made up propaganda.

      • We heard you Muhammad the big beard FALSE story. You don’t have to justify over and over and again. Yes the wedding is done.

      • Abey bhosdike teri gaand kyun sulag rahi hai…Navaz shariff ki beti ko hindu se gaand maraani hai…unko tumhara kata hua Lund pasand nahin aaya…Toh itna gusse mein kyun hai katalle…..Allah ke Lund….Too toh aise Chilla raha hai ki jaise kisi Hindu nein teri behn aur maa ko choda hai …..Aur haan vaise bhi hum Hindu randiyon aur chinallon ko nahin chodte…Dekh toh sari kahin teri maa aur behn kisi maulana ke yahaan gaand toh nahin marvaa rahi ….

  3. At the same time your articles exhibits anti Hindu feelings harbouring in your mind. An Indian Army General Could never be a well wisher of Pakistan.

    • Dr.A.Anburaj…stop being a sickular idiot. Shitslam was founded on the basis of violence and they will always promote violence. Indian muslims are mostly peaceful because they are governed by Indian laws and not that sharia shit. “Well wisher of pakshitistan” my ass…only a stupid masochistic buttfucked moron will wish well for pakshitistan…the land of illegitimate products of arabs and turks.

  4. Shameful to say the least.What kind of culture and religious vales are imparted to muslims in Pakistan? a muslim girl is married off to a kafir hindu. Shameful to say the least. Couldnt she find any suitable muslim boy? That too the son of a bigoted Hindu who has been spewing venom against muslims. Disgraceful. Pakistan would do good to get their act straight.

    • Teri ammi mera lund choosti hai har roj…usko kafiriya lund bohot pasand hai kyuki tera namard baap uska khush nahi rakh sakta.

  5. It is mad and insane to lebel HINDus as Kafirs. It is derogatory. I feel highly insulted.Mr.Ali must submit his apology to all HINDus.

  6. @Anburaj Ahve you seen the derogatory terms used for muslims throughout India and specially on news sites in india, twitter etc. Has any hindu apologised for that??
    Kafir is not derogatory, just denotes unbeliever.

    • My dream is that muslims…especially pakistani, arab and turk muslims should be mass exterminated as they are the cancer of earth 🙂 All of your women should be raped and their intestines ripped out by a rusted crowbar…that will be true revenge for all the mass atrocities committed by mughals on rajput women who had to undergo jauhar…isn’t it sweet? 🙂

  7. @Dr.A.Anburaj No where in the article it is mentioned that the girl has converted and become a hindu. Hindu fundamentalists have only one mission- to make the entire subcontinent a hindu nation- something that will never happen.

    • Madarchod aa gaye bhenchod lundkate mulleh…apni gaand upar kar ke allah ke bulla ko yaad kar chutiye aur apni 72 randiyo ko chodne ke liye apne ammi ko kothe pe rakhe bhen ke lodey madarchod saale gande ghatiya mlecch…

  8. One more point Mr.Ali. In Pakistan Ahmadi Muslims were living a normal life .As soon as Ahmadi”s were delcared as Kafir/non-believer great social injustice are being meted out to them.Discrimination against Aamadi Muslims is in full swing in Pak.Do you think with all your brain that Ahmadi Muslims are non-believer? I have read Munir commission report in New age islam web.I know the plight of Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan ! Whereas in India they enjoy a normal life.
    do you believe Hindus are Kafir and Unbelievers ?

    • Yes hindu and ahmadi are both kafir and non believer but its not mean that they have no right to live normaly they can anywhere weather in pak or anywhere in world.but they 100% kafir kafir kafir

  9. Dr.A.Anburaj I have read the Sri Krishna commission report, the sachar committee report, the babri masjid demolition report. We can see how muslims are being treated in india. They are in dire poverty, the govt discriminates against them. there were the horrific gujarat riots, muzaffarnagar riots etc. Have you ever heard of any riots of that scale in Pakistan?

  10. Mr.Ashfaq do not divert from the point of discussion.The “Moot poin” is Are Hindus Kafir/unbelivers/Enemy of Allah / followers of satan / etc. I strongly feel insulted if any one called me a “Kafir”. Hindus are banished from AFganistan,Pakistan which are part and parcel of Hindustan. In Partition of India ……. crores of Hindus were killed ….. In Bangaladesh similarly Hindus are put to all kinds of cruelty by the Muslims fundamentalists. Compared to that the suffering meted out to Muslims is too ….. too …. small to be discussed. Even today Hindus are being cruelly discriminated against in Bangaladesh.

  11. Ismail and aki..FYI..the number if muslims killed in pakistan and afghanistan (so called islamic countries ) are higher than that of India..u will never find a educated indian muslim telling that he wants to leave india..only wannabe jibadis go yo af-pak 4 terror training..dont talk about my country when pakistan is famously known as terrorist countries..u dnt even spare muslim sects like ahmadis & balochis..bloodshed is a common affair 4 u guys..keep talking about babri masjid and muzzafar nagar incident which happnd yrs back in india when there is a terror attack in ur country every day !! Hope u lose ur family in a terror strike and know the pain like all other victims..inshallah

  12. Dear non-muslim friend, I apologise for all, please don’t take wrong if some muslims don’t know about Islam or if they are presenting Islam in wrong words. Actually a muslim girl or boy cannot get merry to a non muslim girl or boy because it is not allowed by our Great Allah, and obviously we love to fulfill our Great Allah order as you love to fulfill your Bhagwan orders. 2nd thing why we call hindus Kafir, my dear friends don’t get angry, Kafir mean who doesn’t believe in All and his messenger Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) it is not a bad word. It is as same as if you call me Non-Hindu. My all non-muslim friends May Allah give you IMAN and you all believe in Allah and the Great Prophet Muhammad PBUH and all other Prophets please it is my request to you people don’t take anything to heart because of less knowledgeable muslims. Even I am against this merriage because of my Religion, not because of Hinduism. Good and bad people are in every community, in muslims, hindus, christians etc. I love hindus because i know there are many hindus who are really good people.

    • Before telling anything watch movie “Khuda ke liye” made in Pakistan. It clearly says that nowhere in quran it is stated that muslim girl can’t marry non-muslims. Only male propaganda is making such foolish rule by keeping females at bay. Muslim girl ca also marry non-muslims.

  13. I believe in a way of good manners, dear non-muslim brothers and sisters, whatever you want to ask me please feel free to ask, I will give the answer in a way that you will like inshallah but just one request please don’t be angry dur to less knowledgeable muslims. My all Muslim brothers, this is not the way to talk to non-muslim brothers and sisters, you should apologise, because our Allah and Prophet Muhammad didn’t teach us to behave like this with non-muslims. My non-muslims brothers and sisters, I pray for you to my Allah that you always remains safe from bad muslims and be friends of good muslims. But just 1 request please don’t think that Islam is a bad religion, if you have time try to read and understand Islam, I know especially Hindu brothers and sisters they are good people who know how to respect others.

  14. Thank you very much Mr.Qasim Bashir and Mr.Qasim.It is really palm to my mind,which is painful by the venom caused by the statement “HINDU KAFIR”. I have sufficient knowledge of Post Mohamedan History of Arabia. KAFIR is a derogatory word who deserves no respect. Pin the title” Kafir” and kill him – is the central theme of Arabian culture.One can see thousands of incidents to prove my point. Hindus must be recognised not by as Kafirs But followers of Prophet Sri Krishna. Nothing else. .
    Conversion to islam/Ahamdiya is a waste.All plants gets water,air manure nutrtions and grow according to its nature. So unity in diversity is alone possible. If one asserts its Supremacy there will be chaos and violence all over the world. Hinduism and Caltholic religion Buddhaism have produced men and women of most exalted Qualities. Why should you refuse to recognise that religions ? It is being like Blind and deaf with Eyes and Ears.

  15. There is much bearing in these posts on the Arabic word kafir. I need to explain the meaning of Kafir as used in Quran.
    Kufr starts from denial. But all men/women who do not believe in Allah and Muhammad are not Kafir. In fact, any peaceful person of any faith is not Kafir. See verse 2:63 of quran:
    [2:63] Surely, the Believers i.e. Muslims, and the Jews, and the Christians and the Sabians —i.e. people of other faiths, whichever party from among these truly believes in Allah (God) and the Last Day and does good deeds — shall have their reward with their Lord, and no fear shall come upon them, nor shall they grieve.
    Also, to highlight the meaning of Kafir, please follow:
    Kafir is a person to whom the peaceful message of Islam is given in a loving way without coercion and he/she does not believe, does not accept Islam and he/she gets on war path, becomes enemy of Islam. Suc a person is a Kafir.
    He/she is not a simple peaceful disbeliever.
    He she is a fanatic, hostile disbeliever.
    Also please remember that according to teachings of Quran, All holy men of God were Muslims. Their faith (message) was Islam i.e. peace. He may be Budha or Lord Karishna or Jesus or Moses or Abraham or Muhammad (Peace be on all of them).
    There is only One God and there was only one message. That was their message of peace i.e. called Islam in Arabic.
    Every man of God (mentioned above) had followers and enemies. There was no one who did not have followers and fanatic enemies.
    The fanatic enemies of Jesus and Karishna were also Kafir, in their own time.
    There have been Kafir in every society. But according to the Quran, Kafir is not a peaceful person. Just please keep that in mind.
    Last of all, I tell you that there are Kafir in the Muslims too. That is those who were believing persons, their enmity and bad deeds make them Kafir too. All that is described in chapter 3, verses 87 to 93 the Quran (take note that verses No. may be 86 to 92 also).
    Some of those believers are described as enemies who advance in their Kufr, they are the worse and misguided people.
    So Kafir may not be in the Hindus. They are present amongst the Muslims, amongst those who apparently recite the kalmia. They are more responsible and will get greater punishment from Allah. I will present in next post, the exact words to support my claims, Insha Allah. Wassalam.
    [Moral: all Hindus or Christians are not Kafir. And we know that Muslim Clerics do not understand the basic meaning of simple words of the Quran. They are not guided and not on the right path. I can prove it easily.]

  16. Mr.Qulam your letter is somewhat better.I thank you very much for your enlightening letter.Hindus know that there is one God.If a Hindu temple has 10 idols – it may be true- 10 tribes/religions has merged into one/integration of tribes/castes has been achieved without war /death.Best elements of all religions merged is retained. Hindus are not polytheists. We also believe in One god. Atam is one.Paramathma is one. God is formless/no shape/no name.But we Hindus attribute thousands of names/forms etc.It is the peculiarites of local culture.Ahamathiya Muslims should must be amemnable to other religions.shouw respect to men and women of other religions.Hinduism has lot of rich literature about Yoga,mental hygiene,Music instruments, etc. Ahamathiya Muslims may abandon Arabic culture as far as possible and substitute Hindu culture.As a first step “Ahamathiya Muslims women shall wear” Thilagam” on the forehead.



  19. Dear Dr.A.Anburaj, Thank you for your post. I inform you that I have completed the first reading of Geeta. I am trying to understand it. Thank you again and I may need some help from some one who knows Sanskrit language. Wassalam.

  20. To all the muslims who don’t knw abt the hindus i shld tell u that is nawaj sharifs nice came here 2 marry a hindu boy that means k she came 2 cement her place in his of or in family which she don’t get in Pakistan and he remains her forever his life as a true companion and she doesn’t get all these in their and y u guys are sounding like an idiotic hindu never attack on any one we believe in harmony samjhe and 4 ur kind information india is only 1 country which gave freedom 2 all our religion siya cristian Buddhist jain sabhi ko and we hindus like sikh are like a big family not like u people’s we are far better than u guys

  21. Most of christians and Muslims gets proper religious training. However for Hindu Boys and Girls do not get any religious training at all. Secularism is responsible for that. Hindu Boys and Girls must be taught the updates of Hindu culture and spirituality. Hindu cultureteaches all men and women to observe Brahmaachariyam upto marriage. That wonderful word is not known to many. Hindu temples and Hindu cultures must be desilted to a great extent shedding out of date past items. The role model may be Swami Vivekananda. If the Government of India and the state Government who are controlling Hindu temples do not provide necessary religious training to Hindu Boys and Girls India would soon face poveryt of culture and go back to monolithic period.

  22. Hi guys . . I’m in affair with one muslim girl . She loves me very much . . I don’t know, why god of islam religion put restriction on non-muslim wedding, i know this is Gunaah-punishabe according to its Quran . . But yaar aisa kyunnn, after all love is also a part of god . . this is really against nature n its law since there is only one “the almighty”..everything starts & to end from it. Plz somebody tell me the true value for creation of different religions & its rivalry anti-fundamentals.

    • koi Hindu agar kisi muslim ladki se shadi krta h toh wo hindu rahe Muslim na bane…..sabhko apne dharm ka samman krna chaiye…..
      ladki ko muslim hogi toh usse sanantan dharm apnana hoga………

      garud puran mai likha h Jo apna dharm tayagta h usse narak ka bhagi hona padta h……. isliye ladki hindu bane pr…… ladka apna dharm ko respect de aur Hindu rahe…….

  23. MANSOOR P. ABDUL KADAR, Ghulam Sarwar, you are exemplary Muslims who can still lead people to believe that Islam is a religion of peace. Yet there are others who spew venom on this thread and some in India and Pakistan who even swear to join the ISIS and bring sharia law to these countries and execute all non-Sunni Muslims. No sane person would would respect a religion if this is the impression you give to people around you if your culture, religion and upbringing. And all this just because two people who are much more sensible that you and who love each other got married!!

  24. Prophets do not come in this world to establish their own government (lordship). They come to spread the message of love and justice and peace. That may be called Islam or some other name in other languages.
    Prophet Muhammad had guided and advised his followers to be peaceful and to respect all peaceful persons of other faiths. But the ignorant Muslim leaders have misled the poor Muslims into harsh attitude in many ways.
    One of them (ways) is to call every non-Muslim as a Kafir. The other (way) is to get together and mobilize poor Muslims to create a Muslim state and to press ahead for Shariah law in every country.
    Muslims had been told to enforce (adopt) Shariah on themselves, on each individual, not on others. If many Muslims do not and cannot bear the Shariah on themselves then there is no use implementing on people of other faiths. It is not a bad law. But who is ready to apply it to him/her self? Nobody! Not many.
    The topic is about the niece of Nawaz Sharif getting married to a Hindu. I wonder if there is any direct verse of the Quran stating against such a marriage. There is no such verse.
    I believe there is a feeling that Muslim man can marry a Hindu or Christian girl but the Muslim girl cannot marry any Christian or Hindu boy.
    There is a feeling to that effect. But is it due to any teaching of the Quran? I believe not. My knowledge may be limited. Hindus also belong to people of the book (Ahle Kitaab). They are as good as Jews and Christians.

  25. no muslims in india are not in god situation, they live like a third class citizen, only wealthy muslims live blissfull life which i think are not muslims, by the way i am liberal hindu and i love speaking truth, our hindu fanatics may get angry on me and will level me as “SICKULAR” but i don`t care, you people get angry when hindu girl maarry a muslim boy but appreciaite when the opposite happens, dual standard. Anyway, here i see muslims are leveling hindus as kafirs, dear brothers, all hindus are not kafirs many including believe in one god. Read the condition of indian muslims which indian media hides.

  26. Dear akash, thank you for being fair and truthful. May God bless you with good reward and strengthen your faith. You are alright.
    I have GEETA. I am reading and trying to understand it. You are right. Not all hindus and Christians are Kafir. Kafir is only any fanatic, violent person of any faith. Muslims are more foolish and fanatic nowadays.
    I love Lord karishan sahib as a holy man of God. Same for Rama and Budha sahib and Jesus Christ. That is as much as I can do.

  27. In Indian sub continent 90 percent Muslims population is converted one. Before the medeival period,the stretch up to hindukush mountain was populated by peaceful sanatanis.The fanatic Arabic attackers brutally butchered the hindu population and done mass conversion to Islam. This happened till the end of mogul rule in india in 17 th century. All Muslims in this sub continent should never forget that they are Muslims not by choice but forced one. Their ancestors were Hindus only,who converted to islam out of fear or greed. In my opinion she has done nothing wrong by marraying a hindu boy and accepting her base religion. Nevertheless all Muslims will have to reconvert to their base religion ie to Hinduism before mid of 21st century or get killed in mass. Anyhow Islam, a cancerous sect will not last long.

  28. Arab culture should assimulate goodness in other cultures and grow.But Islam is great -this slogan pushes them back to 1500 yrs.

  29. Islam is not Arab culture. It is human culture based on principles of nature. If the Indians adopt it, they will be the leaders of all Muslims.
    Islam is not limited to any one country. It is universal message to all mankind.

  30. What the big deal if two people get married to each other. In Mumbai ShivSena Udhav Thakre neice got married to a muslim but that was not a big story. Guys come out of your shell and get more friendly rather then just bitching of issues you can do anything about. I saw in news today pakistan has provoked India first and attacked innocent civilians. I see good people on this thread to, my question to them is why does your country cant stay peacefully and stop poking us. We gave monitary help to them during floods but ur pm refused. In Modi rule pakistan has to be carefull bcoz this government unlike congress wont be silent. I want to specially mention people like Qasim and Ghulam and the only people with whom I can connect from pakistan. Jai Hind

  31. thanks purvi ji..but i request all of u to wiss those faristey for their marriage life.It may b a step towards the peace between d two countries.

  32. Indian Ahamathiya Muslims may abandon Arabic culture as far as possible and substitute Hindu culture.As a first step “Ahamathiya Muslim women shall wear
    ” Thilagam” on the forehead, which is a sing of Indian culture. Mr.Ghulam sarwar, Are you ready to start with ?

  33. @ Dr, A Anburaj:
    Indian Ahamathiya Muslims may abandon Arabic culture as far as possible and substitute Hindu culture.
    If you are too much after the cultures then please know that there is no Arab culture. If there is any, it is for the Arabs only.
    But when you speak of Hindu culture then I will prefer the Muslim culture. That will be good for both Hindus and Muslims.
    But if Hindus go to Saudi Arabia and adopt the Arab dress etc. then we talk about Muslims adopting the Indian culture.
    I say nobody should compel any one to change their outward outlook while inside remaining on own faiths. What use will that be.
    I suggest that you please read book written by a very great saint in year 1908. The book title is “Paigham e Sulah” or “A message of peace”. It is discussing similar things as you are doing. It is available in Library at “”

  34. Very sorry You do not get what I said. Ahamathi Muslims should develop their own distinct culture going as far away from Arab culture. I am sure Islam is nothing But euphemism for Arab cultur and Arab imperialism. Sure .Sure.You have tactfully avoided a question posed by me.

  35. @ Dr A Anburaj:
    I am sure Islam is nothing But euphemism for Arab cultur and Arab imperialism.
    You are accusing Islam. What about the Hindu culture?
    Will you please describe:
    1. What is Arab culture?
    2. What is Hindu culture?
    Describe in some detail so that we understand what you are preaching to us. Please do not divide mankind. Try to unite the mankind towards goodness.
    If Hinduism is best and divine then all people will become Hindus. But they have to prove that their life style with caste system and idol worship is better than all mankind is equal. Please try to bring forward your good points of your Hinduism.
    Thank you.

  36. 1.First I suggest to read a write up entitled ” Universal religion and realisation of it ” by Swami Vivekananda.then we can start our debate.

  37. I do not expect all others to become Hindus. I would never commit such a mistake. I never believe that Hindu culture is alone recognised by God.

    Every culture is yet to complete its process of evolution towards perfection.On that score one should assimulate the best in other culture and grow natually.

    God is not the Monoploy of Hindus/Muslims/Ahamathiya/Christians- any church. I have been reading this web for one year. So article is appeared about great men and women of Non-Arab culture. All articles which are subservient to Arab culture is alone published.why keep Ahamathiya Muslims in the dark as to the greatness of Non-Arab great men and women.You evince great interest about Palestines and where as the injustice being meted out to Kashmir Hindus and Bangaladesh Hindus does not attract your heart.Why ?
    Because Ahamathiya Muslim Mssion is also an Organisation for promoting Arab culture which is stagnating for the post 1400 which is promoting Bloodshed not only of Muslims But also promote Homicide of Non-Muslims.The cruelty being meted out to Hindus of Bangaladesh by Islamic reffians is beyond ……… . You have not uttered a word so far.

  38. THIS IS FALSE STORY. The Nawaz Sharif family DENIES this ever happened and the woman NEVER married anybody from RSS. STOP Indian lies and propaganda.

  39. 90% of Muslim in Pakistan have Hindu or Buddhist ancestry. The ancestors of Md Ali Jinnah found of Pakistan were all Hindus belonging to LOHANA Community of Gujarat. Bennazir Bhutto’s ancestors were all Hindu Rajput from a village in Harayana, Javed Miadad the famous cricketer from Pakistan ancestory were Bramhins from Gujarat

  40. asper bavisya purana already told about muhammed(malecha) black magic religion will come.and his religion will attack on people and converts to islam who are sin they will join his religion asper kaliyuga darma…all block magic people are at lost lord siva devotiees but they even dont know …hinduism der is no founder it is god given god will take care of this religion..

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