Month: October 2013

What Next: A Sunni Bomb? by Pervez Hoodbhoy

Zcommunications: Pervez Hoodbhoy’s ZSpace Page The Islamic Republic of Iran stands at the threshold to the bomb. In 2010 it had more than enough low-enriched uranium (some 2,152 kilograms) to make its first bomb’s worth of weapons-grade uranium. The LEU would have become highly enriched uranium in roughly 10 weeks had […]

‘Magnificent Delusions’ of U.S.-Pakistan relations

(Reuters) – Even as Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States, Husain Haqqani was one of the most eloquent critics of Pakistan’s military, the nuclear-armed country’s most powerful institution. Haqqani, once derided at home as Washington’s ambassador to Pakistan for his pro-Western views, has taken a step further, accusing the government of directly […]