New Zeland TV Report: Islamic sect hopes to entice more members with the Largest Purpose Built Mosque in New Zealand

Onenews: In Islamic Sect that has been denounced over its modern interpretation of the Koran has celebrated the opening of a new mosque in Auckland.

The 400-member strong Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is hoping to gain more members with the opening of the largest purpose built Mosque in the country.

Global leader of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmed was on hand to open the $3.4 million mosque today.

“I hope one day there will be more people in this so we will need more mosques here in New Zealand,” said Mr Masroor.

The sect has previously been denounced in Pakistan, and its people and places of worships attacked, over its progressive interpretation of the Koran.

Ahmadi Muslim Qudsia Ahmad said the sect had flourished globally despite the hostility it had encountered in Pakistan.


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  1. This mosque is the sign & truth of Hazrat Masih Mawoud wa Mahdi and fulfilment of the prophesy that truth of Ahmadiyyat will reach the 4 corners of earth. Insha Allah soon the message of true Islam & Ahmadiyyat will spread all over the world and peace will prevail.

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