Day: October 5, 2013

A job to die for

RT: by Kim Kyung Hoon – In Japan, karoshi – meaning “death from overwork” – claims around 200 lives annually, according to the Ministry of Labor. Karoshi victims literally work themselves into an early grave, with some giving up to 110 hours a week to their jobs and leaving almost no […]

Islamic Influence on European Science

By Zakaria Virk, Toronto According to traditional western writers, all science and civilization is derived from Greek heritage i.e. 6th centry BC to 2nd century AD. This heritage was lost during the Dark Ages i.e. 5-15th century AD, recovered during the European Renaissance -15-16th centuries, and revived for our modern […]

Trials in Bangladesh

“Nixon and Kissinger’s Forgotten Shame,” by Gary J. Bass (Op-Ed, Sept. 30), about genocide in Bangladesh, is a searing reminder that evil was perpetrated four decades ago and that justice is overdue. I disagree with Mr. Bass, however, when he suggests that the war-crimes tribunal doesn’t meet due process standards. […]

Hindu idols vandalised in Bangladesh

At least eight idols of Hindu gods and goddesses were vandalised by unidentified miscreants in Bangladesh, a media report said Friday. A group of people broke into the community puja pandal at a village in Bangladesh’s Natore district early Friday and damaged the newly-carved idols of goddesses Durga, and Lakshmi, […]