Day: October 5, 2013

India’s booming rent-a-womb industry Most pregnant mothers are kept in Shelter Homes during their days of confinement; critics have dubbed these homes as “baby factories”. Why do women take such a step? A 28-year-old surrogate mother Vasanti, said, “In India, relationships and family are very highly valued. One can do anything for one’s […]

Pakistan’s deconstruct

the Terrorism in Pakistan cannot be brought to an abrupt end through violent means. Most explanations about the strains and motivations of militancy though true are not universally applicable. Just like politics makes strange bedfellows, umbrella militant organisation will ally with any group or country prepared to challenge their […]

Olmsted Falls school district pulls video on Islam after conservative group raises possible legal challenge OLMSTED FALLS, Ohio – Faced with the threat of a federal lawsuit, the Olmsted Falls schools have pulled a video about Muslims in America from its seventh-grade social studies curriculum. School Superintendent Jim Lloyd said the district agreed to remove the 2005 documentary TV show, “30 Days: Muslims and America,” rather than spend […]