Day: October 26, 2013

Why I hate Malala

Viewpoint: by Kunwar Khuldune Shahid – How can I accept Malala to be a hero, when her speeches do not have any Islamic or nationalistic agenda? How can I consider her to be my future leader when nothing she says or does imbues a false sense of superiority in me […]

Snowden’s Leaks Most Serious in US History:

Source: Jakarta Globe: Leaks from Edward Snowden have helped America’s adversaries and represent the most serious breach of classified information in US history, the CIA’s former number-two ranking official said in an interview Friday. Michael Morrell, who served as deputy director and acting director of the CIA, told CBS television’s […]

An innocent in Washington

Source: Dawn.Com FOR decades, Pakistan has had a single-item foreign policy: Kashmir. Of late, drones have been added to this short list. Long gone are the days when Pakistan commanded respect on the global stage, and was seen as a spokesman for the developing world. Now, wracked by two violent […]