An innocent in Washington

Source: Dawn.Com

FOR decades, Pakistan has had a single-item foreign policy: Kashmir. Of late, drones have been added to this short list.

Long gone are the days when Pakistan commanded respect on the global stage, and was seen as a spokesman for the developing world. Now, wracked by two violent insurrections, an unsustainable population growth, and a tottering economy, Pakistan is viewed with pity and alarm as an international basket case.

Our prime minister has never been accused of being a deep thinker, and foreign affairs leave him stifling a yawn. In Washington recently, shuffling his prepared notes, he was clearly out of his depth. That he hewed so closely to his brief must have pleased his Foreign Office handlers.

In fact, our diplomatic corps has much to be pleased about: after years, one of their own has been named Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States. For a long time, this prized post has been the preserve of political appointees, and all of them have acquitted themselves well.


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  1. Mr Irfan you have your own perceptions so you analyse accordingly. some of your observations are very true and deep in nature. Function of state is run according to set rules and regulations. There are special and specified jobs where you can have only qualified people. Army is one example. You will never hear lateral entry to army from any civil department. With in army branches individuals do swap over from one branch to other. For many years army enjoying the privilege to get lateral entry in police, management as well in foreign services. However even after lateral entry the incumbent is exposed to the training, education considered essential for that particular service. Since years many department including foreign services of Pakistan are not in competent hands. Even in previous regime a hotel management expert was made head of the ministry. Absence of competent persons affect the whole scenario. Current PM also did not dare to appoint a full time competent Foreign Minister. May be he has compulsions from military brass. How he got KS for UK job and Mr Sarwar from UK to Punjab is best known to him. In such cases he has to remain confused while meeting withe President of the world super power. Same situation prevails in defence department. All these things show how much importance Pakistan gives to foreign relations and defence related matters. You can run a country on adhoc basis for short period but not for very long time. In 2014, following the with drawl of US there will be lot of turmoil in the region. Apparently Pakistan is not prepared for it. Unfortunately one can not see any light at the end of the tunnel also.

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