Age of A’isha at the time of her marriage to Prophet Muhammad


The mosque of medina, first built by the prophet Muhammad, may peace be on him.  The Muslim Times has the best collection of articles about the prophet.

Source: Ismaili Gnosis

Contrary to popular myth, A’isha was not six years old when she married Muhammad, may peace be on him. All of the historical evidence when examined as a whole suggests that A’isha was born 4 years before Muhammad began his prophetic mission and was married to the Prophet on her father’s initiative in the tenth year of Muhammad’s mission – she was therefore around 14 years of age at the time and this was a normal marriage age until quite recently (all the evidence is analyzed in this peer reviewed article). Ismaili Gnosis has summarized the evidence from various Muslim historical sources and reports which shows that she was 18 years old at marriage.

Aisha Marriage Age


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  1. Wonderful article to demystify the age of Aiysha (ra) at the time of her marriage with the visual chart. I will use it in the very near future to protest the vile allegations against Prophet Muhammad (saw) which happens on the Twitter very often. Thank you.

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